JTE Unit Spreadsheets Available; Volunteer Dashboard Launches April 8

New Journey to Excellence spreadsheets have been developed for use by units and districts to keep track of their JTE achievements. Some of the spreadsheets are online now, with plans to post the remainder by April 15.

The forms are in Microsoft Excel format. The first page will be used for data entry, while the second page will automatically populate the spreadsheet with the calculations and achievements. It will total points earned for the unit or district, provide the overall point total, and indicate the level of achievement.

As units and districts enter data throughout the year, the spreadsheet will update their ranking on the Journey to Excellence scale of bronze, silver, or gold.

The spreadsheets can be found on Journey to Excellence websites at the following locations:

  • JTE main site on scouting.org
  • Volunteers—Go to www.scouting.org/volunteer and click on the council’s Journey to Excellence link
  • On www.myscouting.org, look under Council Tools
  • Professionals—Visit www.mybsa.org, then click on Resources, Mission Impact, Organizational Solutions, Journey to Excellence (scroll to the bottom and click the JTE link)

To help spread the word, please run this story on your council website, Facebook page, and/or in your council newsletter. If you have any questions, please send them to JTE@scouting.org.

Volunteer Dashboard

The full release of the Journey to Excellence dashboard, to include key volunteers, is scheduled for April 8. Council and district Key 3 leaders, executive board members, officers, and advisory board members will have access, as will area, region, and national volunteers.

To ensure your volunteers have access, make sure they have current registration forms on file. Council registrars can be contacted for council/district position confirmation, while area, region, and national volunteer status can be confirmed by calling the National Service Desk at 972-580-2267.

In addition, webinars have been scheduled for April 5-6 to teach volunteers about this powerful new tool. Schedule and registration information is available online.

3 Responses to JTE Unit Spreadsheets Available; Volunteer Dashboard Launches April 8

  1. Todd says:

    The information on JTE was incorrect. One (not some) spreadsheet is online. I could not find Council Tools as a option on myscouting. Why aren’t unit spreadsheets in Unit Tools?

  2. bsaintcomm says:


    Thanks for your comment. One link that I didn’t provide in the original article is this: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Commissioners/Journey.aspx (It has since been added to the article above.)

    It takes you to the main JTE site, where you can find all available JTE materials, including the two spreadsheets that are currently available (for troops and crews). As stated in the article, more will be provided by April 15. As a national employee, I don’t have access to the “Council Tools” section that pops up for those who need access, so I can’t provide any insight there … You might try submitting your question to JTE@scouting.org.

    John Churchill
    Internal Communications

  3. Buddy Crenshaw says:

    Just wonder why Admin/Acc do not have a way of telling the Dc’s how the units are doing in SERVICE HOURS in JTE without having to wait for the Council to put the report out which takes time. bc

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