Logging JTE Service Hours: Council Tips for Success

How can a council log service hours for multiple units?

The council can do one of two things: (1) The council can set up an OA lodge log (if one isn’t already set up) to use as a “dumping ground” for service hours added by council/district staff, and (2) since most councils have a troop and/or crew set up to register summer camp staff who aren’t Scouts (e.g., cooks, chaplains, etc.), these units can be used to add hours.

What methods have worked to get units to record their data on the website?

Your unit leaders want to help you collect service project information. You simply need to let them know how to record the data, and remind them often that it should be done. Below are some suggestions from councils that have demonstrated success in getting their units to enter service hour information on the website:

  • Annual recognition of the top 10 units in service hours.
  • Make sure the council advancement chair is persistent with units, reminding them to log in their information. All Eagle Scouts who record their projects receive a small gift.
  • Publish a unit comparison of logged activity in the newsletter.
  • Require Eagle candidates to log activity before scheduling a board of review.
  • Keep people informed at every staff meeting.
  • Give the district activities committee chair a copy of the unit login information. That way, when talking to a unit leader about planning a service project and logging the hours, if they mention not having their ID, it can be given to them on the spot.
  • Encourage districts to recognize units that conducted JTE service projects at their district dinners. Provide a special recognition or certificate to units logging more than 1,000 hours.
  • Ask each district activities committee chair to personally contact each unit in their district and ask them to log their hours. While this seems to work the best, it is the most labor intensive.
  • Include a sign announcing the number of service projects or hours completed, or highlighting a particular unit’s project. Be sure to continually update this sign to demonstrate the importance of this data collection.

You can find many more frequently asked questions and information at www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Awards/JourneyToExcellence.aspx.

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  1. Bears Fan says:

    Isn’t it adding to the Eagle requirements to “Require Eagle candidates to log activity before scheduling a board of review”?

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