Trailblazers Is Back! Well, Almost

Trailblazers—the online digest of BSA personnel changes such as new hires, transfers, and retirements—was placed on hiatus in December 2010.

While archives for July 2009 to December 2010 have remained online at the Trailblazers page, Human Resources and Internal Communications are in the process of adding all the personnel changes from 2011 to the page. This process will be completed in the coming weeks.

Details will be announced in Scout Wire when this much-requested project is finished.

3 Responses to Trailblazers Is Back! Well, Almost

  1. Sharon Moulds says:

    Outstanding! I will be glad to see the Trailblazers return. Thank you!

  2. Lee Spence says:

    When will the Trailblazer start getting current. I just retired and been looking for my retirement announcement.

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