Recruitment Cards Developed for Cub Scouts

Peer-to-peer recruitment cards have been created to help Cub Scout families promote Scouting to their friends.

These cards are based on the eye-catching resources created for the 2011 recruitment campaign showing our youth engaged in fun-filled activities. An easy-to-use business card template was created to help families promote Scouting. These cards will be a great tool to be used by local councils who are facing the challenges of limited school access.

The cards can be pre-printed with contact information on the back or left blank so Scouts and their families can write invitation information for prospective Scouts. For more information on where to access and how to use this new tool, read the Cub Scout peer-to-peer recruitment flier.

8 Responses to Recruitment Cards Developed for Cub Scouts

  1. Bill Bull says:

    This must be so new you didn’t expect anyone to use it yet.
    went to the site ckicked on Cub Scout Tab and it comes up….but someone forgot to put a 2011 tab so the instructions stop there. HELP….! need a 2011 tab to use.

  2. Darlene Scheffler says:

    I agree with Bill that I cannot see the 2011 tab. Your direct link does work though.

    The recruitment cards do not fill out correctly. Each field has to be named different otherwise they autopopulate.

    Also, some of the book mark links do not work and they are not editable.

  3. These recruitment cards are very useful for getting the word out about Scouting. For the purpose of printing these recruitment cards is there a specific business card template / format that can be used (like an Avery brand product) instead of printing them on card stock and cutting them yourself.


  4. Jeremy Burke says:

    Are there any other designs that feature caucasian youth? Three out of those four designs tell 94% of our Council’s population “Cub Scouts isn’t looking for youth like me.” Thanks!

  5. Michael O'Connor says:

    These are a great idea, why not have them for all programs.

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