Rockwell Exhibit Opens at Nat’l Scouting Museum

The work of Norman Rockwell and other prominent artists who have helped illustrate the Scouting movement will be on display at the all-new “Norman Rockwell and the Art of Scouting” exhibit at the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas.

In addition to works by Rockwell, who joined Boys’ Life magazine as a staff artist in 1912 and spent more than 60 years creating hundreds of Scouting illustrations, the exhibit offers a glimpse at select pieces by Walt Disney Studios, Joseph Christian Leyendecker, Howard Chandler Christy, Dean Cornwell, and Joseph Csatari.

One Response to Rockwell Exhibit Opens at Nat’l Scouting Museum

  1. Christine Hummel says:

    I’d like to include this info in our quarterly council newsletter. I see in the logo on this page that the exhibit opened Jan. 7. How long will the display be at the museum so families can plan their trip?

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