New Tour and Activity Plan to Be Unveiled

The new online tour and activity plan has been developed and will soon be ready for use.

When compared to the former tour permit process, the new plan will no longer require signatures or approvals. Rather, as the plan is completed online, the required prerequisites for that type of trip or activity will be displayed.

For any prerequisites that have not been met (for example, not having someone on a trip who has Hazardous Weather training where this training is required), and before being allowed to submit the form, the person completing the form will have to certify that all prerequisites will be met prior to conducting the trip or activity. Once submitted, an email notification will be sent to your council, chartered organization, committee chair, unit leader, and emergency contact to let them know that a plan has been submitted. Receivers of this notification can log in to MyScouting and review the plan.

Other tour and activity plan enhancements include the following:

  • Because email notifications will be sent once a plan has been submitted, it is important to maintain current leadership information in the system.
  • Links are provided to current program-required training and education.
  • System prompts and warnings are included.
  • You will be able to review and fix any deficiencies flagged by the system prior to submitting the plan.
  • You can store, retrieve, copy, and reuse completed tour and activity plans.
  • Files such as trekking plans and flight plans may be uploaded.
  • Unit volunteers who currently have access to the tour and activity plan will be able to view and update all plans submitted for their unit up to the day before the scheduled tour date.
  • There will be leader certification of the plan prior to submission.

For those who do not have Internet access or simply prefer paper over an electronic version, a PDF version can be found on the tour and activity plan FAQ page.

Tour and Activity Plan Demo

Before implementation to unit volunteers, we are providing a demo to familiarize you and your employees with this new tool. The demo will be accessible to councils on MyBSA until April 30. You will have the ability to create, edit, copy, or print a plan, but not submit one. On May 1, the new tour and activity plan will be activated for authorized unit volunteers to access in MyScouting. We encourage your employees to show the demo to key volunteers, but due to the need to protect the personal information of the membership, this must be done via MyBSA.

The demo may be accessed online. When the MyBSA login screen appears, enter your current MyBSA user name and password. It will take you to the tour and activity plan home page, where you can begin and create a new plan.

A training video has been developed that guides you through the application process and can also be shared with your unit volunteers.

Conference Calls

Conference calls are scheduled on March 26 and 27 at 10 a.m. CDT to answer questions about the new tour and activity plan. Please send any questions in advance to

Dial-in information:

  • Monday, March 26: 10 a.m.–noon CDT
    888-251-2909 or 215-861-0692
    Conference code: 9725802156
  • Tuesday, March 27: 10 a.m.–noon CDT
    888-251-2909 or 215-861-0692
    Conference code: 9725802156

Remember that your council will no longer approve plans; instead, you will review submitted plans and offer support and guidance. The council’s tour plan administration in MyBSA is also being enhanced, and details will be communicated at a later date.

If you have any questions or experience any issues during the transition period, please contact the National Service Desk.

16 Responses to New Tour and Activity Plan to Be Unveiled

  1. Allen Daughtrey says:

    I could not get past the first data entry page of the new online Tour Plan demo. It would not allow me to enter a unit. Did I do something wrong?

  2. Karen Gutierrez says:

    I just watched the training video, I really like the new tour plans. My question is, will the new tour plan automatically pull out the leaders training informationn or will they need to type it in???

  3. Keri Smeaton says:

    We rely on tour plans as a way to track camping numbers for the National Camp Report. Is their access at the council level to all tour plans filed from our specific council?

  4. Glenda Socha says:

    Will these have to be submitted at least two weeks prior like the old ones?

  5. Trent Nichols says:

    So is the tour plan approved when it is successfully uploaded? If not, how long do we need to alot for the tour plan to be approved? How will we know that it is approved?

  6. Tyler Wangsgard says:

    Will I be able to use the new Tour Plan using Safari or Firefox?

  7. Sheri Doege says:

    I watched the new tour plan video and I think it will be easier for the volunteers to use. I do have one quesiton, will the two Tour Plans that are on the website be removed completely and only have the one that is forth coming useable. It would be nice to have just the one Tour Plan in place.

  8. Cristy says:

    watched video: if each parent drives themselves with their scout and they are one of the leaders, do they put yes they are driving and the car info in just for the leaders or do they need all the parents driving on the trip listed?

  9. Anne Wine says:

    Will the councils still be able to verify that the leaders’ training has not expired? Will the new form check the training dates? We have many tour plans that are submitted with expired training dates and we quite often have to ask the tour leaders to retake the training.

  10. L Johnson says:

    I, being District Training Ch, will be conducting three courses in the very near future: BALOO, OWL and Scout Outdoor Ldr Skills; should I include this video in these courses as a heads up knowing this is coming down the pike?

  11. When I try to access the tour plan demo I get:
    Access to the Tour and Activity Plan Trial Version is not available to National MyBSA accounts. Thank you.

  12. Connie Knie says:

    If the unit is very large and there are upwards of 20 leaders attending do they all need to be listed?

  13. Charles J George says:

    Will other leaders and youth in my unit be able to share the online tour plan information that we enter?
    Being youth led, we have our crew vice presidents and troop SPL’s complete the plan and collect necessary signatures. If they create MyScouting accounts, will they be able to do this?

  14. David Jagnarain says:

    When I try to access the tour plan demo I get:
    Access to the Tour and Activity Plan Trial Version is not available to National MyBSA accounts. Thank you.

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