All Markets Strategy Summit Planned for National Annual Meeting

For the second year, Council Operations will be hosting an All Markets Strategy Summit for council staff and key volunteers interested in analyzing, preparing, and executing plans to work with all markets in your community, specifically the Hispanic, African American, and Asian American markets.

Register now for the 2012 All Markets Strategy Summit! Learn strategies to effectively reach all of the markets you serve and leave with local action plans to implement immediately in your council. The event will be held Wednesday, May 30, in Kissimmee, Florida, at the National Annual Meeting (click to register).

With a strong focus on sharing “best of the best” practices, you will hear from industry experts, interact with colleagues, and engage in workshops to help you develop your All Markets Strategy (AMS) plan.

Who should attend? Scout executives, council presidents, council commissioners, council vice presidents of membership, key staff, and volunteers. This is an excellent opportunity to form your AMS team and develop your council’s plan!

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