Online Tour and Activity Plan to Go Live May 1

Council employees currently have the ability to view the new Tour and Activity Plan training video and trial version through MyBSA, while volunteers continue to use the old Tour Plan application on MyScouting. Beginning May 1, the old Tour Plan application will be removed and replaced with the new Tour and Activity Plan.

Once the new Tour and Activity Plan goes live, any tour plans that are not acted upon will cease to exist, and volunteers must resubmit their trip via the new Tour and Activity Plan application. To save your volunteers time, please encourage your tour plan administrator to resolve any outstanding tour plans waiting for approval. They must be completed by April 27; otherwise those plans will not be carried over to the Tour and Activity Plan administration in MyBSA.

A similar communication will be posted for volunteers on MyScouting, but we encourage you to share this information with your unit volunteer leaders, in addition to announcing it on your local council website.

For more information, you can view the Tour and Activity Plan training video and the Tour and Activity Plan FAQ page. In case you missed the Tour and Activity Plan conference call hosted by the Health and Safety Team (or would like to listen to it again), a recording is available online.

If you have any questions or concerns please email or contact the National Support Center at 877-272-1910.

11 Responses to Online Tour and Activity Plan to Go Live May 1

  1. Margaret Egan says:

    This is really a bad time to roll out this new process. Just as tour permits start rolling in to Council for summer events!? Someone really wasn’t thinking of all the players involved when this decision was made. Bad planning.


  2. Oliver Howells says:

    in the training video between 1m 15sec and 1min30

    the screen print says BALOO must have been taken WITHIN 2 YRS.

    that is completely new and may be an error. i have reported it to the emplyee help desk by phone and to health and safety and myscouting by email.

    • BSA Internal Communications says:


      Thanks for the comment. We’ve uploaded a new version of the video that corrects the problem.

      John Churchill
      Internal Communications

  3. susan cornell says:

    The issue of my not being able to log into my training because of my password still has not been fixed.

  4. Anne Wine says:

    The old on-line tour plan system has already been replaced with the new system that was not supposed to go live until May 1, 2012.

    I have several tour plans that were submitted and returned for corrections. What will happen to those tour plans?

    Also had one national tour plan that I had submitted, but it, too, is now gone.

    Once you announce that a change won’t happen until a specified date, you need to stick to that.

  5. Richard says:

    Just a reminder, if you are having issues with the technology to contact the national support center. The launch date is still May 1 for the tour and activity plan.

    • Machelle says:

      I totally agree that the paper tour plan would a lot
      easier for someone who is not computer sabby. Not only
      that, but togather the infomation from the leaders and

  6. Tina says:

    New tour plan was supposed to go live May 1, however; when you log into it now says May 10th. Found out from a volunteer. Would’ve been nice if we were informed of this change from National. Also – there has been no information that Ive seen that indicates whether or not the paper tour plan form is being updated for those that would still prefer to go that route vs online.

  7. ndonaho says:

    Atlanta Area Council requires additional documents to secure AAC property. This new Tour and Activity Plan should have an area where we can attach additional documentation in order to make a one-time submission.

  8. Mike says:

    This whole program keeps contradicting itself! First it says to submit a tour plan for everything just to make sure we are organized and safe. But then it hickups and requires CPR and First Aid when there are no requirements for this on a simple overnight campout. Will you please fix this?

    And will you please add checkbox, something else or somehow a way to complete the tour plan and send it out to the unit leaders for review but NOT TO THE COUNCIL! when the council does not need to review it.


    I submitted this to the question section also, but my fear is it will go into the BSA online black hole.

  9. Ted Daly says:

    I see that when I open the NEW PLAN window that a lightly shaded line “Based on another plan” is shown. I am hoping that might mean in the future we will be able to open a previous plan and save it with a new tour plan number. Then edit the dates and event title and any other items necessary. I have 4 tour permits for events that will take place within the next two months that we have similar if not exactly the same committed participation. It would save time to have that function.


    Ted Daly – 108078720

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