Sneak a Peek at New Game Design MB

The BSA’s next new merit badge, Game Design, is already well under development. The new badge will allow Scouts to focus on one (or more) of these kinds of games:

  • Electronic
  • Outdoor/athletic events
  • Tabletop
  • Pen and paper or role-playing

This variety of games means the badge should appeal to Scouts with different interests. Plus, it keeps the merit badge accessible for Scouts who don’t have reliable access to a computer.

In addition to creating and testing an actual, playable game, Scouts will learn a variety of skills while working on the badge, including:

  • How to think critically and strategically
  • What makes games fun
  • How to design and implement games
  • Problem solving

No exact launch date has been set for the Game Design merit badge, but it will have a big presence at next summer’s 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

For more information, visit Scouting magazine’s Bryan on Scouting blog. (Photo used courtesy of Bryan on Scouting.)

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