Wayne Brock Chosen as the BSA’s 12th Chief

Following an extensive selection process, the BSA has named Wayne Brock its next Chief Scout Executive.

Wayne has served as deputy Chief Scout Executive since Oct. 1, 2009, giving leadership and direction to all aspects of operations of the National Council.

Wayne began his career in 1972 as a district executive in New Bern, North Carolina, and then served on the staff in Knoxville, Tennessee. He also has served as Scout executive in Athens, Georgia; as an area director; as Scout executive in Orlando, Florida; as regional director of the Southern Region; and as assistant Chief Scout Executive.

Wayne is a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award and the Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award. He received his Bachelor of Music Education degree from East Carolina University. Wayne and his wife, Ernestine, have a married son and one granddaughter.

Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca concludes an exceptional career with his retirement on Aug. 31. Wayne will then assume the office on Sept. 1. The selection committee will recommend to the Executive Board for approval an exception to the mandatory 65-year-old retirement age, which will allow Wayne to serve in this position until the age of 67.


For more information on this announcement, please see the following:

BSA Chief Scout Executives

  1. 1911–1943    James E. West
  2. 1943–1948   Elbert K. Fretwell
  3. 1948–1960   Arthur Schuck
  4. 1960–1967   Joseph A. Brunton Jr.
  5. 1967–1976    Alden G. Barber
  6. 1976–1979    Harvey L. Price
  7. 1979–1984    J.L. Tarr
  8. 1985–1993    Ben H. Love
  9. 1993–2000   Jere B. Ratcliffe
  10. 2000–2007  Roy Williams
  11. 2007–2012  Robert J. Mazzuca
  12. 2012–           Wayne Brock

5 Responses to Wayne Brock Chosen as the BSA’s 12th Chief

  1. Kay says:

    Congrats to Wayne!

  2. Stephen says:

    Congrats to Wayne. I do find it funny that as a local council employee, I was made aware of this on Facebook prior to any announcement from the national office.

    • BSA Internal Communications says:


      An announcement about Wayne’s appointment was sent to all employees via email at 1 p.m. Monday, and we didn’t post it onto the BSA Facebook site until 4:30 p.m. That’s not a whole lot of lead time (we’d prefer to give employees a heads-up at least a day in advance), but it was the best we could do in this particular situation.


      John Churchill
      Internal Communications

  3. Marcell Vargas says:

    Congratulations, Wayne
    Chief Scout Executive

  4. Mike Tischer says:

    Congratulations Wayne. We will always remember your support after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Godspeed.

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