New Venturing Recruitment Kits Introduced

Who are the best recruiters for BSA programs? Easy—the Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, and Venturers who are already members! That’s why the National Venturing Youth Cabinet and the National Council’s Marketing and Membership groups have teamed up to create a host of new recruitment tools designed to expose teens to the fun and excitement of Venturing.

Best of all, these new print resources—contained in the online Venturing Recruiting Toolbox, or available in hard copy via bin item—are fully customizable and intended to be distributed by those who know the Venturing program the best: Venturers.

The new publications include the “Venturing Recruitment Guide” featuring a host of information and resources, as well as a Venturing “Fast Facts” sheet and fliers that can be customized with your crew’s meeting place, time, and contact information.

For more information, have your crews head online to, and click on the “Venturing Recruiting Toolbox” link.

5 Responses to New Venturing Recruitment Kits Introduced

  1. Deb Keyes says:

    The ‘Have you ever?’ item at cannot be downloaded – error 404 – File or directory not found.

  2. We need the bin item number please.

  3. Ken Finley says:

    This is much needed. Venturing is the best kept secret in Scouting.

  4. Barry Blessing says:

    Check your IIS 7 config on that directory….to prevent the 404. Call or email if u want help. I am an developer.

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