Getting Scouts Social With Patrol Z

Want to get your Scouts connected and inspired? Hook them up to the Patrol Z social channels and watch the engagement grow!

We all know that kids are social beings. They are no strangers to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., where they enjoy checking out the flurry of their peers’ activity. That’s exactly why Patrol Z was created—to create channels that connect Scouts with Scout-created content.

Not only do Patrol Z’s social channels allow us to reach Scouts where they already are, but it also helps encourage them that they are not alone out there in the Scouting world. Let’s face it—being a kid who upholds the high standards of Scouting can be tough when there are so many pressures to do otherwise. Connecting youth with peer-created social content helps them see and share all the great activities that Scouting holds while acting as another tie bonding youth to the Scouting values. That’s a pretty big bonus in our book!

Get your council aware of the ways your Scouts can hook up with Patrol Z content: Find them on Twitter through the username @PatrolZ and through the hashtag #Jambo2013, as well as on Instagram with the same username (@PatrolZ). Let your council leaders know about the benefits that peer-based social connections have with keeping Scouts involved and motivated in Scouting. We’ll see you online!

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