Scouts Can Start Earning New Search and Rescue Merit Badge Aug. 20

Aug. 20 is the date that the Search and Rescue merit badge will be available and ready to earn! You should start seeing the pamphlet and patch appear in Scout shops and online very soon.

The best places for units and Scouts to start looking for merit badge counselors include local SAR groups, fire or police departments, SAR canine groups, and the NASAR—National Association of Search and Rescue. For contacts near you, please visit as well as federal SAR groups in your area.

Resources for New Merit Badges

Is your district or council looking for more resources to support the other new merit badges that have been (or will be) introduced? Here are a few organizations that can help:

4 Responses to Scouts Can Start Earning New Search and Rescue Merit Badge Aug. 20

  1. Barbara Briggs says:

    What type of prove do we need to have as a Council to register counselors for the merit badge? We need to know so we can get the word out so we can get counselors registered for this.

  2. Glenda Socha says:

    I see this new badge on DoubleKnot but it is not yet in Scout Net. When can we expect to see this?

  3. I’d like to request that the web developer working on this site add share buttons for Facebook (at minimum), so that sharing information from this site with Councils and Districts is more streamlined and effortless. Thank you for your wonderful efforts on behalf of all in the Boy Scouts!

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