As the BSA continues to articulate our movement in more relevant and meaningful terms to the American public, we’re proud to announce our entry into the exciting, fast-paced sport of NASCAR. This high profile platform will allow the BSA to take the lead on defining who we are, continue our efforts of promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to those involved in Scouting, and directly support Scouting’s Journey to Excellence.

The National Council is proud to announce a multiyear relationship with Scott Lagasse, owner of Team SLR. Scott’s team has secured a multiyear, primary sponsorship with Peterson Industries, home of the Hybrid Light product line – solar flashlights that are always ready to work without a concern for dead batteries. With Hybrid Light as the primary sponsor and the BSA as the associate sponsor, Team SLR is gearing up for a successful run in the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series. In preparation for a competitive 2013 season, Team SLR will be running the Hybrid Light/BSA car in three races this year: 1) Kentucky 300 – Sparta, KY, 2) Kansas Lottery 300 – Kansas City, KS, and 3) Ford EcoBoost 300 – Homestead, FL.

Scouting has worked for more than a century to become part of the solutions that move our country forward; but we realize we can’t do it alone. We are simply a piece of a very complex and broad-reaching puzzle. Organizations like Team SLR of the NASCAR Nationwide Series and Hybrid Light embrace their role in this great pursuit. With this understanding, our goal is to continue to position Scouting as a valued partner to community organizations, corporate champions, and sporting leagues, all seeking to do their part in cultivating our greatest American asset, our youth.

There aren’t many better platforms to broadcast the Scouting message than through NASCAR, so please be on the lookout for more information about this exciting relationship with Scott Lagasse and Team SLR.

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11 Responses to BSA Goes NASCAR!

  1. [...] may have an even better excuse to be interested now that the BSA has joined NASCAR.  Click on the LINK for the full story.  This is not a totally unique situation.  The BSA has had a racing alliance [...]

  2. Todd Snell says:

    Really? Racing is promoting STEM? How many kids do you know that look at a race car and think of the science behind racing?
    Look, I’m a race fan too, but I really feel there are better ways of promoting scouting than spending $15 – $30 million a year on race cars.
    How about funding local scout camps to improve the facilities? Maybe national TV commercials that would promote scouting. BSA-funded school programs that would show the benefits of scouting. If you’re interested in promoting STEM, why not fund science programs at local science museums with programs specifically aimed at scouting?
    I assume that you’re keeping a Return On Investment (ROI) on this race program. Please share. Thank you.

    • Michael DiCarlo says:

      I totally agree. It seems self-serving, indulgent and decadent during hard economic times to put our efforts in toy collecting. The write-off for the sponsor would have been the same if the money was given to economically challenged packs and troops to buy equipment, uniform, etc. or advertising sponsorship on the local level.

    • Sandra Smith - Wisconsin says:

      Your comments are right on the mark – I agree

  3. Michael says:

    How much popcorn does my kid need to sell to support this race car? Seriously this is a waste of money!!! Give more money back to the packs vs paying for this.

  4. Sandra Smith - Wisconsin says:

    I agree with Mr. Todd Snell. The schools are where you will get the boys attention. While NASCAR is popular and Mr. Lagasse and his team are a known entity – money would be better spent on commercials or documentaries that show how Scouting has kept up with the times while still holding to its “core values”.
    Thank You

  5. Scoutmaster Mac Garza says:

    I agree with Todd Snell, it’s wasting money on something that the scouts won’t beable to really participate in. We have alot of camps that need up keeping and that $15 – $30 million will do some good. Hey if the car wins who gets the money and where is it going to be used.

  6. Mike Bass says:

    I completely agree with Todd Snell’s comments. This exorbitant amount of money could be put to a much wiser use. I encourage you to reconsider and pull funding as soon as contractually possible.

  7. Barry Blessing says:

    …states that the program comes to the BSA at no cost. Am I missing something? From what written material or website is the $15-30 million dollar figure being sourced? Just asking to know.

  8. Erick J. says:

    I agree with you fellows about the money. But before you go half-cocked get all the facts. They must have a good logical reason to join Nascar.
    I do know there is mathematical science in building a race car, from the motor to body style.

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