Online Application Testing to Start This Fall

The Membership Impact Department has linked up with the Information Delivery Group to launch the BSA’s first online application process. They offer the opportunity for councils to be part of the beta council testing this fall. Ninety-two councils have agreed to be engaged in this new endeavor.

By participating in the beta testing process, councils will be able to allow prospective Scouting families to submit applications to join online instead of by the traditional paper form.

This is just the first step in the application process. BeAScout Phase 2 will not complete the application process; registration fees will not be collected online.

Training and marketing materials have been developed to assist councils in the promotion of BeAScout, along with resources created to help local council executives and district volunteers train unit leaders on how BeAScout works. Training materials are formatted in PowerPoint along with recorded presentations.

The resources have been posted online at the Membership Impact website.

8 Responses to Online Application Testing to Start This Fall

  1. Charles Howard-Gibbon says:

    The link above to Membership/Youth Recruitment does not work

  2. Rob MacLuan says:

    The resource link returns a 404 error. Where is the page?

  3. Rob Bungarden says:

    I understand that BSA has units overseas, but the Country Code is a mandatory fill and may frustrate users. Why not make it a drop down menu for locations that BSA has units or a drop down for all country codes?

  4. Guy Klose says:

    I, for one, am extremely happy about the prospects of having online registrations — as a troop committee chair, the single biggest time-waster I have (and the single biggest problem-maker I have with the council office) is the processing of membership applications.

    The present system, hardcopy application with “carbons”, is virtually unchanged from when I registered as a Scout in 1971. Sure the carbon paper is different, and the application is packed with a ton more information, but the process is no different. I think it is well past time to evolve into the 21st century. Even the IRS has evolved!

  5. benson guillaume says:

    ihave two i would like them to be a scout, i need more apply for the program

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