Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator Position Officially Approved

Since the inception of the Religious Emblems Coordinator (REC) concept, it has been recognized that, like so many other Scouting functions, there needs to be a unit-level position to correspond to the council and district. The REC team is now complete with the addition of the Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator (UREC). The UREC is now recognized as a position on the unit committee.

The Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator position was created to strengthen units by building an infrastructure that would create cohesiveness between units and district- and council-level volunteers, ultimately to better serve youth members in the realm of Duty to God.

The responsibility of the coordinator is to educate, motivate, evaluate, and facilitate the religious emblems program at the unit level. In addition to serving on the unit committee, a key function of the position is to serve as the liaison to the District Religious Emblems Coordinator. Of course there is a new patch being developed to accompany the position.

Additional information regarding the position, including a complete position description, can be found by viewing the brief Religious Emblems Coordinator presentation on scouting.org.

15 Responses to Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator Position Officially Approved

  1. Rick Cormier says:

    Link does not work so I’ll have to guess as to requirements.

    Why would I subject a Christian to have knowlege of the Koran? Or to have any other information on any other religion at the Pack/Troop/Team level?

    We are to have faith but NOT to “spritually guide” the youths. That is for the family/religion of THIER choice. That is why we have NON-Denominational “Scouts Own” services vice tying to have one service for EVERY’ religion on the planet.

    Leave this at the District/Council level.


    • Tara B says:

      You’re missing the point Rick. The position is to motivate members to participate in the BSA’s Religious Education program, not to educate Scouts and Scouters about the many different faiths that make up the Scouting program.

    • BSA Internal Communications says:


      In what way does the link not work for you? Does nothing load when you click on it? It works from every computer I’ve tested it on, so I’m not sure what, exactly, to fix …

      John Churchill
      Internal Communications

      • Kyle Menig says:

        To Mr. Churchill, the link just goes to a general site about Membership, it doesn’t take me to a position description, from any computer I use.

        • BSA Internal Communications says:

          Okay, I see the problem … we should have been more specific in our linking (or instructions). Sorry about that. The link has been fixed, and will take you directly to the information we mention.

          John Churchill
          BSA Internal Communications

  2. R. Chip Turner, Chairman, Religious Relationships says:

    Rick, thanks so much for your comment. We apologize that the link did not work but that will be corrected soon.

    When you are able to see the requirements for the Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator, you will see that the position is not intended to teach Scouts about all other faiths but, rather, to make sure they know how to get the resources for the emblem of their particular faith.

  3. Lee Shaw says:


    I’d like to clearify the purpose and the way in which the Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator will function. The desired outcome is for Scouts to learn more about and embrace their own religious faith. As outlined in our Duty to God program 1.Scouts must obtain the specifc booklet for their religion 2.Parents must reveiw the program 3.Families should talk to their religious leader and show them the booklet before beginning any program 4.Scout needs to complete the reguirements, obtain the proper signatures, and order the emblems.
    I aploigize if there was lack of clearity in the article.
    I’m working on resolving the issue regarding the link. Thanks.

  4. Marty Hammonds says:


    I hear what you are saying and sympathize with your position. In our Pack, we created a chaplin position with the idea that the person would be the focal point for religious emblem questions. The person we brought in does Scout’s Own at camp outs and generic prayers at pack meetings. When we brought him onboard, I told him that it wasn’t his job to know every religion, but it wasn’t his job to preach, either. His only job is to show the boys the wonderment around them and relate day-to-day situations in line with whatever faith they follow, but, ultimately, to look to the parents for the faith-based education of their choice. My boys have responded with great appreciation and attention. One or two parents weren’t too sure, but, for the most part, things have gone great. Your religious emblems coordinator is only their to provide information to those that are interested….not to be an expert in every religion. The coordinator should have local points of contact for those religions represented within your unit. Leaving this at the Council/District level is like having your congressman in charge of your insurance choices….too big a project for too few people.

    I wish you well.

  5. Ella O. says:

    The timing of this announcement was perfect as I promoted the religious emblem program at roundtable. Thanks for making the scout leader role easier by having the UREC take care of connecting scouts/parents with the religious emblem program and with religious leaders.

    Duty to God…and reverent. Let’s encourage scouts to remember this part of scouting.

  6. Jesse Price says:


    If you want a better explaination of all of this, go to praypub.org. I received a lot of information on the ins and outs of this program. The only problem is you are not given a point of contact to see who to talk to abouot becoming a REC at any level. Does anyone have any information on this?

    As a cubmaster I want to get my boys involoved. They have scripts on this site for us to use. Still I have no idea who my RR is, who my District REC is or who the Council REC is? Where do I turn?

  7. Mike McKernan says:

    On scoutstuff.org I see the patch for District and Council Religious Emblem Coordinators but not one for the unit levek position. Is it available?

  8. Roger E says:

    Parents it’s up to you. You can sit back and let someone else do it but it will never happen. You have read this so you know about these awards. (They are not just for Boy/Cub Scouts they are for anyone, Brownies/Girl Scouts, 4-H, Church groups… ) Now is the time to step-up to the plate. Talk to your son and talk to the other parents. Yes I drove my son to classes and helped when needed. I also drove 2 other scouts to classes where they completed 1 level and received their award also.

    My son completed all 4 levels and is a 5-Star reciepent. He is just as proud of these awards as he is with his Eagle…

    My thought “What should come 1st. Duty to God or Rank of Eagle”?

  9. Khaliela says:

    I don’t understand this at all. If you want more Scouts to earn religious emblems why not allow more religions to offer emblems to the Scouts??? I know there is no emblem for my faith. Our national organization has submitted an application for a Heart and Crescent award for youth of our faith, but National repeatedly refuses to accept it as an award.

  10. debra says:

    What is the position code for the unit religious coordinator?

  11. Jennifer says:

    Hi Khaliela,

    I assume you are referring to the religious emblem award for “Wiccans and Other Earth Religions.”

    Unfortunately I think we are still a long way from the majority of Americans understanding or accepting Wicca / Paganism as an acceptable religion. I really liked the pamphlet I found online about the award and its requirements and I think if your national organization presents a convincing argument that requirements for the award truly support BSA values as expressed in the Scout Motto, Oath, and Law, eventually they may recognize the award as legitimate.

    I just got elected as the REC for my unit and I am a Unitarian Universalist. Our religious emblem is also not accepted by the BSA. I’m familiar with many religions and excited to have the opportunity to encourage the youth in our Troop and Crew to deepen their understanding of their faith tradition and their own beliefs by assisting them with finding an appropriate mentor, obtaining the materials from their faith organization, and planning completing their award requirements as needed. I believe that faith, spirituality, however you want to describe it, is very important for growth and health in mind and spirit, as well as connection to other people and all life.

    I will also be petitioning the BSA to accept the Religion in Life award developed by the UU Scouters Organization. Whether or not they decide to recognize the award, I will share my faith with my son and hope that he builds a faith practice that will sustain him through the ups, downs, and challenges of life.

    Yours in service,

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