Voice of the Scout Surveys Released

Voice of the Scout surveys were released on Monday, Sept. 24. Here is an overview of this year’s VOS process:

Survey Period: September 24 – October 26

Survey Releases: 3,000 surveys per hour; 917,000 possible addresses nationwide

Reminder Notices: Non-responders will receive an email one week after their initial invite is sent

Dashboard Live: When responses are submitted they will be aggregated on the VOS dashboard and displayed Nov. 8

Remember, respondents who score Scouting low on the NPS questions will be asked if they want someone from your council to contact them. Please prioritize responses to these “Experience Recovery Notices”—a running list of these requests is provided as a real-time report on your MyBSA home page.

How to turn on and assign staff access to your Experience Recovery Tracker, via the MyBSA Administrator:

1. Go to the “Administration” tab on MyBSA Home
2. Select “Access to Home Page” link
3. Activate the VOS reports for staff that are identified by the SE.

To help guide this outreach, an Experience Recovery template script is available online.

Additional training and promotional material are also available:

Thank you for being a part of this important program geared to improve the Scouting experience to a growing membership.

4 Responses to Voice of the Scout Surveys Released

  1. Gillian Murrell says:

    Where can I read the survey and where can I read the results?
    Thanks very much.

  2. Jim Mingo says:

    Am I missing something? Shouldn’t there be a link to the actual survey with this article? How are we supposed to assist scouts asked to respond if we can’t look at the survey?

  3. John Coughlin says:

    looks very interesting

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