Finance Impact e-Letter: Oct. 15 Issue Released

Click to open Oct. 15 issue

The Oct. 15 issue of the Finance Impact e-Letter has been published and is available online.

In this issue, Development and Corporate Alliances announces the new Boy Scouts of America Discover® prepaid card and the impending release of the Boy Scouts of America Discover® credit card, scheduled for Nov. 15. Also in this issue is information on the following:

  • Filing IRS forms 990 and 990-EZ
  • Important budget entries for 2013 in the new fiscal software
  • The new BSA case statement
  • Accounting for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree
  • Tips for ensuring that your workers are classified correctly
  • The retirement of Gary Beus, team leader of the new fiscal software project
  • The AFP Scholarship application
  • Moves management
  • BSA Asset Management
  • The listing of development and fiscal management webinars

To read the entire issue, click the link above or on the image at left. Previous issues of the newsletter are available by following the links under the BSA Newsletters header at right.

2 Responses to Finance Impact e-Letter: Oct. 15 Issue Released

  1. Charles Johnson says:

    This is tremendous. It is the first time I have seen “Scout Wire.” As a volunteer, I really appreciate all the info included in this posting along with the various “sites” which are referenced. I also like the “Share this Site” note.

    Unfortunately, I have been chastised by the local Council executive for sharing emails such as the note from Wayne Brock in September regarding the sad events stemming from the Oregon court action. I was advised the Council & SE will make all decisions about what is to be disseminated & to which volunteers. The mantra of “Volunteer led, Professional guided” does not apply in my Council. This is like the bad old days of being told very little about what is really happening and being expected to accept the staff dictates or to hit the road. Transparency has yet to seep into the operations of many Councils. This is really hurting the “New BSA.”

    • BSA Internal Communications says:


      Thank you for your note, and I’m glad you’ve found this publication useful. Until very recently, Scout Wire was only distributed to BSA and local council employees (even though it’s accessible to all via the internet, if they happened to stumble across it). In September, however, we began alerting area and regional volunteers about updates made to the site, and will only expand this audience as we move forward. Our charge from the Chief Scout Executive and his leadership team is to put MORE information into the hands of those who need it most — our volunteers — and not LESS.


      John Churchill
      BSA Internal Communications

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