Scott Teare Selected as New Secretary General of World Scouting

The World Scout Committee has chosen Scott Teare as the new secretary general of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

In this role, Scott—who is currently director of the BSA’s International Department—will serve as the chief executive officer of WOSM and direct its secretariat, the World Scout Bureau. He will be charged with promoting and safeguarding the interests of more that 28 million members in 160 countries.

“Scott is a tireless advocate for world Scouting and has successfully kept the torch of world Scouting lit within the Boy Scouts of America among its board members and officers for many years,” said Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock.

He will take office on Jan. 1, 2013, at the World Scout Bureau Central Office, where he will replace Luc Panissod of France in the top role.


8 Responses to Scott Teare Selected as New Secretary General of World Scouting

  1. Raymond J Vanden Berghe says:

    Scott: Best wishes and congratulation in your new
    position of leadership in scouting. Ray

  2. Cecil G. Piggott Jr. says:


    Congratulations. A far cry from district executive in the
    Two Rivers Council.


  3. Teresa Smallidge says:

    Is this the Scott Teare I knew when ? You’re a long way from Tall Pine Council ! Congratulations to you !!

    Teresa Smallidge

  4. Ann Gongol says:

    Congratulatios Scott! It’s been a long time since Thatcher Woods Area Council. You look GREAT!

    Best Regards,

    Ann Gongol

  5. Magdi Negm says:

    Congratulations, we hope that Mr.Teare will have the vision to re-organize the World Scouting and re-shape its human and educational directions around the globe. His new endeavor seems like Lazlo Nagy’ time of appointment in 1968 when he put his recommendations into practice and was appointed WOSM post. Many decisions must be taken to make WSB and its central offices a “Boy-Centered Spots” not a just “staff centered offices”. After his long experience in BSA, we expect not only a pragmatic and clear way of thinking and applications, but also new approaches to deal with a world full of conflicts and confusions. How Scout Movement Morals can be applied and prevails to the benefit of young people? That the challenge we all face. We hope the best of luck to him.

    Magdi Negm
    Rover Scout Director
    Al Azhar University,Cairo,EGYPT
    Ex.Director,Adult Resources 99-2003
    WOSM,Arab Region

  6. Jean McBride says:

    So proud of you Scott – what a great person to have in that position !!

  7. stan zeitlin says:

    Heartiest congratulations, Scott. Working with you some years ago was a personal highlight.


  8. Greg Higgins says:

    Congratulations Scott. You always had a love for Scouting back when we where Members of Troop 110. I have a lot of memories of all the Spring, Fall and Winter camp outs. The trips to camp TAPICO. The night the crazy guy got loose from the Lapeer Home while we were out there camping and the whole troop was petrified. Ron Cushman took off with a hatch after the guy. GREAT MEMORIES. I still have a cigar box full of items from then.

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