New International Spirit Award to Replace International Activity, Youth Exchange Emblems

The International Spirit Award is a temporary emblem that is awarded to registered Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and Scouters who have completed the necessary requirements, have gained a greater knowledge of international Scouting, and have a greater appreciation and awareness of different cultures and countries.

This award serves as a replacement for (and therefore eliminates) the International Activity emblem and the Youth Exchange emblem.

International Spirit Award emblems cost $4 each and can be purchased from the International Department. Visit to fill out the application with the date that each requirement was completed. All requirements must be met within five years from the start of the award. Please mail the completed, signed application and a check (made payable to Boy Scouts of America) to:

Boy Scouts of America
International Department, S221
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

5 Responses to New International Spirit Award to Replace International Activity, Youth Exchange Emblems

  1. Raimo Vahamaki says:

    This new International Spirit Award is going to be very popular especially with Cub Scouts and the younger Scouts, who do not have so many opportunities to traver overseas or participate in the rare somewhat local international events.
    This award will be a good challenge to adult Scouters as well encouraging them to earn the award together with the boys.

  2. Henry Gilson says:

    I still feel that a temporary patch falls short for those of us who actually “earned” our World Crest prior to the BSA making it part of the standard uniform.

  3. Dan Gross says:

    The old requirements (each council made their own) were silly. It had been YEARS since anyone earned this up until when I set about getting the requirements updated. It was rarely promoted, and as a temporary patch, it didn’t really convey anything to those who saw it as to what it was or what it took to earn it.

    I like the new look, and greatly appreciate the standardized requirements, but I have issue with #5 of the options being required – if it is, it should have its own line up top in each of the sections, and not be in the “options” much less #5.

    Additionally, I’ve NEVER been comfortable asking Cubs to organize collections, even at Pack meetings. It can be a Boy Scout and up requirement, but doesn’t belong in there as a Cub Scout requirement at all.

    • Lee Donlon says:

      Exactly what I thought when reading the requirements. #5 is a MANDATORY option???? And to make it mandatory to raise funds (asking for donations) is like teaching the Scouts to beg or pan-handle.

  4. Tom McFadden says:

    I agee about how sneaky they are about requireing you to fundraise for them. Seems like a cheap way to get some money. But when my son and I went to do this requirement we just put up a old can with a sign requesting donations. We didn’t make much but it meet the requirement.

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