BSA Discover Credit Card Now Available

The Boy Scouts of America Discover® credit card is now available!

With the Boy Scouts of America Discover credit card, Scouting is more rewarding than ever! Specifically designed for the adult members of Scouting families, the Boy Scouts of America Discover credit card rewards you on everyday purchases, while the Boy Scouts of America receives a percentage of those purchases to support Scouting.

Also, by visiting the Scout Rewards section at, cardholders can donate their points to Scouting. The points will be shared equally between local councils and the National Council.

Additionally, for adult Scouting alumni, the BSA Discover credit card is a perfect opportunity to show their Scouting pride while paving the way for future Scouts. Along with the increased funding to local councils, this is an excellent way to affect the Scouting organization in positive and far-reaching ways. Please help us get the word out by forwarding this message to colleagues, friends, and family. You may also access “spread the word” tools at, where you’ll find template emails, social media posts, fliers, and more.

Get your BSA Discover credit card today by clicking on the Order Now button at

Also, to learn more about this partnership, watch the latest episode of The Buzz!

3 Responses to BSA Discover Credit Card Now Available

  1. Bill says:

    Unfortunately, to apply for the card one has to use IE 7,8 or 9, or Firefox 3 or 4. Newer versions of FireFox will not work, nor will Chrome or Safari. Error message is as follows:

    The web browser you are using is not supported by this application.

    Please consider using Internet Explorer (version 7, 8 or 9) or Firefox (version 3.6 or 4.0).

  2. Dan says:

    I have a Discover card now. By changing it to a BSA Discover card do my own personal credit card rewards change?

    Would love to have a BSA card but don’t want my rewards to change. I’m wondering how Discover is sharing a percentage of purchases with BSA without reducing the cash back bonus to the card holder.

  3. Liam OShea says:

    Am curious HOW MUCH Discover is paying the BSA to promote these cards. Prepaid or otherwise, scouts should NOT feel a card is required to be financially stable. CASH should be used when working a budget. CASH should be used when making a purchase. I don’t care what anyone says, this is a direct contradcition to the Personal Management teachings (unless they’ve changed since the introduction of this card).
    I remember the old ‘real shopping Barbie’ ads. I remember “Life takes Visa’ ads. However, Scouting DOES NOT require discover, nor should it promote it’s use. Which leads back to the question- what is BSA being paid to promote this product? It has to be about money because there is NO GOOD reason found either within the BSA, or the Bible, for having debt… let alone promoting it.

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