Easy-to-Use Incident Reporting Kit Coming Soon

An Incident Reporting Kit is now in production, and one kit for each of your professional staff will be forwarded to your council for distribution during the first quarter of 2013. The kit consists of an easy-to-see burnt orange folder for your desk, trunk, or backpack containing an incident descriptions and reporting instructions card, and pads of the Incident Information Report and Near Miss Incident Information Report so you can gather the who, what, where, when, and why facts about an incident if reported to you. Emergency contact information specific to your council can be entered on the back of the kit folder. Crisis communication contact information is also included.

While online incident reporting, the incident information reports, and the kit concept are not new, Scout executives felt like field staff needed a tool kit to help collect the information and requested the folder be developed to support online incident entry. Those Scout executives recognize the benefits of accurate and timely incident reporting. It gives them the ability to respond to incidents in an appropriate manner, helping to manage potential claims and decreases costs, and is of tremendous value in identification of incident trends and preventing the reoccurrence of similar incidents.

Since implementing an online incident reporting system in 2009, the quantity and quality of incident reporting has increased, but there is still room for improvement—even with our top reporting councils. The folks at the Atlanta Area Council are currently leading the way, although the Northeast Region reports 20 percent more frequently than its nearest competitor in the West. And for the record, being No. 1 in reporting is a good thing. The majority of incidents reported are marginal in nature and have no cost impact on the general liability insurance program.

In addition, we have been able to determine that top reporting councils have active program and enterprise risk management committees working together to capture an accurate picture of what goes on in their councils. One of the other best practices we saw to collect unit-level incidents was to assign responsibility for incident report collection to the team that also assists units whenever they request reimbursement through either HSR and a Council Accident and Sickness Plan or when a unit files for benefits via Deseret Mutual. Since medical bills were incurred, we already knew that a recordable incident occurred. This step alone, if implemented in every council, could improve our reporting by more than 100 percent.

If there are any interim questions about the kit, please contact the Health and Safety Team, health.safety@scouting.org. A primer on how to report and set up online reporting is found at MyBSA > Resources > Risk Management Notebook > Item No. 17.

By the way, NOW is a good time to throw out any bin No. 19-147 “pink folders” you have around the council.

One Response to Easy-to-Use Incident Reporting Kit Coming Soon

  1. David Nolle says:

    A great addition. Thanks for creating.


    David A. Nolle | Scout Executive/CEO

    Voyageurs Area Council

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