Having STEM Success? Share Your Plans and Stories With Us!

The National Council is striving to give you the most resources possible for the new STEM initiative. As part of this effort, we would like to hear more about what your council is doing in regard to program development, fundraising proposals, success with recruiting STEM volunteers, etc. Please share your plans, proposals, and success stories with us at program.content@scouting.org.

8 Responses to Having STEM Success? Share Your Plans and Stories With Us!

  1. Rene Maes jr says:

    We are running a super neat robotics camp over winter break! You can see our flyer on Twin Valley Council Facebook page!

  2. Tom Kroenung says:

    We have been making great strides with STEM promotions in the Greater St. Louis Area Council. With having a STEM Director in place since February 2012, a Council STEM Committee has been established to support Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Exploring/Venturing programs. A Finance committee is also a part of this group and we are up to 35 committee members overall. We conducted a kick off in October showcasing several Scouts who earned their NOVA awards at the Missouri AT&T headquarters and published the event with the local media resources. The committee has also promoted the new NOVA awards at our summer day camps, Cub Scout Day One event, Cub Scout Pow Wow, Venturing Fall Fun Rally, and will have a NOVA class and midway booth at the upcoming University of Scouting in January. On December 29, 2012 we will have our first annual STEM University. This event will host Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers to earn a NOVA award and other STEM related merit badges. Adult leaders and parents will receive Counselor and Mentor training. Held at a local university, we will have 600 youth in attendance and 300 adults. We have several companies as sponsors to this event. Next year we plan to add a special summer camp week for Cub Scouts (day camp) and Boy Scouts just on STEM badges and program. We are also looking into hosting an Einstein Recognition Dinner in the fall to recognize Supernova award recipients, key volunteers, and business sponsors. With Exploring opportunities, we have started a local partnership with FIRST Robotics Committee and for the last 15 months started 11 Posts and 8 Explorer Clubs serving a total of 183 Explorers. This couldn’t be possible without the assistance of local corporations to provide the seed funds, 2 years worth, to help get these units off the ground. The students, parents, and teachers are so receptive to this opportunity and renewing as members. I would encourage the National office to consider a partnership with FIRST to benefit both Scouting and Learning for Life. We have also enjoyed showing our successes on our website and Facebook page.

  3. Gary Silvia says:

    The Boston Minuteman Council is running a STEM Camp during the April vacation week at Camp Sayre in Milton. We are partnering with MIT Lincoln Labs, Draper Labs, Harvard University, and more to have Scouts do hands on activities with real world STEM professionls as they earn their NOVA Award and additional merit badges! Want to earn Inventing and Robotics Merit badges? Their creators will be here! Astronomy interest you? Come with us to the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics! Like building robots? We take underwater robots and run them in our pool! Boston’s got wicked STEM!

  4. Marla Baker says:


    The Boy Scouts of America, Blue Ridge Mountains Council conducted this event in support of the BSA S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Initiative on Saturday,November 3, 2012 at Claytor Lake Aquatics Base. The event was organized to create an
    opportunity to engage Scouts from our Multicultural Initiatives units and to provide an opportunity for them to learn about S.T.E.M. and to offer them encouragement and incentives in pursuing their education and an understanding of the wide variety of employment fields in these areas. 73 Scouts attended the event, and 20 Adult Leaders. Support for the event was sought from various organizations, businesses, schools, and government agencies. 18 partners were represented, most of which were completely new and previously uninvolved in Scouting.
    The Council’s Executive Board took time out of their Executive Retreat to join the Scouts for lunch. At least two Board Members sat at each table and enjoyed interacting with the Scouts.

    During the merit badge schedule, Scouts had the opportunity to work on 6 merit badges. All 73 Scouts earned at least one merit badge, and some earned two. The NEW welding merit badge was one favorite among the Scouts, as they were able to actually use a welding machine

    Space Exploration was another favorite, and it was taught by three Eagle Scouts. The Scouts who participated in this offering were able to build and launch a rocket of their own.

    Robotics was also exciting, as the Scouts were able to build and operate a robot.

    Fingerprinting was taught by the local law enforcement agency, and Weather was particularly exciting, as it was taught by a local TV meteorologist and local celebrity. Many Scouts also enjoyed communicating via short-wave radio as part of their experience earning the Radio

    At the end of the merit badge offerings, Scouts participated in an evening program that included learning skills in public speaking, communication, job applications and resumes, and about the ScoutStrong program.

    On Sunday, the Scouts were able to join a Certified Angler Course at Camp Powhatan and enjoy some fishing and expert instruction before departing from camp. For many Scouts, this was their first experience with fly fishing.

    The S.T.E.M. Summit was a great success, as it demonstrated to Scouts the opportunities available to them in the future. It encourages their academic success in high school and beyond. It also rewards them for taking action. In addition, this S.T.E.M. Summit gave the Council the opportunity to reach out to new corporate partners and begin the development of new relationships and expand resources in support of Scouting.

    The Blue Ridge Mountains Council plans to continue to focus on ways to offer S.T.E.M. programs to our Scouts and the community.

  5. Joel Rice says:

    The Capitol Area Council held its first STEM Boy Scout Campout at Lost Pines Scout Reservation this Fall. We had over 100 Boy Scouts in attendance from Troops all around Central Texas. This was a great way to kick off our STEM initiative. We brought in experts in the fields of Chemistry and Engineering and had them teach both merit badges over the weekend. Scouts earned both merit badges and on Sunday we used the knowledge they learned in the merit badge classes to complete a large scale project and compete with other groups at the campout. This was a huge success and we plan on holding a Cub Scout Event in the Spring.

  6. Matt Myers says:

    We have established a STEM committee to promote the NOVA awards, and partner with the local schools in a robotics challange event.

  7. Elise Marks says:

    The Chinquapin District of the Black Swamp Area Council has been doing pretty well with the STEM/Nova Program. Since September I have worked primarily with the Cub Scouts of the district. While the adults are at the Roundtables, I have been providing the support and items necessary to complete Science Everywhere, 1-2-3 GO!, and the Supernova requirements. We brought in a nearby zoo to talk with us about how science and technology are used in their daily jobs as well as talked about radioactive half-life with an experiement using M&M’s and Skittles. Eventhough that is not in the book, I know I wondered as a child how a scientist could look at something ancient and say it is from 300 B.C. so I thought that was an experiment to help my scouts branch out their natural curiosity.

    The Boy Scouts have recently started working with me as well and I have started them in the program too. In February the Boy Scouts will be running the meeting for the Cub Scouts dealing with paper airplanes and why certain designs are good for planes to go farther or do tricks.

  8. Jeff Werner says:

    April 27 Old Colony Council and Annawon Council Ran a one day Pow Wow. Part of the program was a Cub Science Session that I ran. We covered the gambit of Cub Science Requirements and Electives. The Belt Loop program, and Introduced the Leaders to the NOVA program, and how it works. There is a lot of desire for Packs to get started here.

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