2013 Local Council Charter Renewal Applications Due Feb. 1

It is time to complete the 2013 Local Council Charter Renewal Application. The signed application must be submitted to the Mission Impact Team at the national office (SUM 210) by Feb. 1. Make sure you fill in all the information requested on the back of the application and supply all of your insurance coverage carriers with policy numbers. Please keep a copy for your records, and note that an enterprise risk management chair is mandatory in 2013.

*You must complete year-end GL entries and close period 12 financial information by Jan. 31. This will close your 2012 financial year.

Collection screens in ScoutNET (E-forms) will be used to complete the remaining tasks related to your council charter renewal:

  • List of traditional districts and whether they qualified as Journey to Excellence districts
  • Percentage of return (realized gain + unrealized gain + income) from your investments fund in 2012
  • Statement of functional expense for 2012, including a time study for program percentage, management percentage, and fundraising percentage
  • Journey to Excellence unit achievement
  • Service fee

Special Note: This fillable form can also be accessed and completed online by going to MyBSA > Resources > Mission Impact > Organizational Solutions > Council Resources.

Please call Mission Impact at 972-580-2381 with any questions or concerns.

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