2013 Camp Director’s Guide Now Available

The BSA Supply Group would like to announce the 2013 Camp Director’s Guide. This resource is designed to assist you with properly preparing for camp and running a successful trading post operation.

The 2013 Camp Director’s Guide is intended to assist the Scouting professionals who plan, organize, and operate council camps. It contains the latest information on camp capital equipment and what merchandise sells at camp trading posts.

The guide is available in three user-friendly formats:

By Mail—The 2013 Camp Director’s Guide was mailed to councils during the week of Jan. 7. If you need additional copies, please contact your Supply Group territory manager.

Online—The 2013 Camp Director’s Guide, order forms, and camp inventory sheets are available in electronic formats on the ScoutStuff Reseller website (also known as the B2B network). Note: To access the online versions, you must have your ScoutStuff Reseller login and password. The login information is the same as your account number.

On CD—Additionally, the guide is available via the 2013 CDG CD. This format was mailed to councils during the week of Jan. 21.

One Response to 2013 Camp Director’s Guide Now Available

  1. Bob Gowans says:

    Thanks for the Camp Directors guides we received in the mail a few weeks ago. The three will be helpful however we have ten camps. Each year we request additional copies so we can have one for each of our camp directores. Our National Supply reps always appolize and say they’ll get us more. It never happens. Seems to me that it shouldn’t be a hard thing to get us what we need unless your not really serious about us buying from you in the first place.

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