Gary’s JTE Leadership Club: February Agenda Covers Effective Unit Service

Please join us on Wednesday, Feb. 6, for the JTE Leadership Club (formerly the Council Operations Breakfast Club) on “Improving the quality Scouting experience through effective unit service.”

We encourage both employees and volunteers to join in each month as we continue to discuss current topics that focus on optimizing the delivery of the Scouting experience through councils and units.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we will only broadcast one session beginning at 7 p.m. CST. We will again be “live streaming” from the Web conference center at the national office.

Commissioners played a huge role in 2012, helping their units improve JTE scores. Your council’s commissioner staff is able to make an impact on the Scouting units, leaders, and youth that are served. A major focus of a commissioner staff is unit retention. A total of 8,363 Scouting units did not recharter in 2011, but as a result of commissioner staff efforts that number was lowered to 7,178 dropped units in 2012.

The focus of this broadcast will be on best practices and resources addressing the issue of retaining units and youth. So we will discuss resources like the Unit Performance Guide that helps organize and maintain sustainable Scouting units that can have improved JTE scores. My co-hosts will be Steve Sawyer and Marty Walsh from our Membership Impact Department, along with special guest presenters from the Commissioner Task Force and council commissioners. Please join us for this important hour.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 6. See session times below.

Session 1     8 p.m. EST   7 p.m. CST    6 p.m. MST   5 p.m. PST

Email your session preference to Mary Jernigan at

The next JTE Leadership Club meeting will be March 6.

Connection instructions are available in a previous issue of Scout Wire. (Click the link and scroll to the bottom of the story.)

2 Responses to Gary’s JTE Leadership Club: February Agenda Covers Effective Unit Service

  1. Jenni Long says:

    I’m on the West Coast.
    Will try to listen in on the Feb 6th meeting.

  2. Dave Mountney says:

    This date is a prime Roundtable night and Commissioners should make attending RT a priority. Can this session be replayed at a later time so that those with other Scouting engagements can benefit from it’s information?

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