Incident Reporting Kits—Next Steps

As previewed in the Dec. 6, 2012, issue of Scout Wire, Incident Reporting Kits, No. 680-147, are now being delivered to your council. You should have received a shipment that contained one kit for each of the council’s professional staff. If you have received too many or need a few more, please call the Supply Group’s customer service number.

So what’s next? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Distribute a kit to your council’s field personnel, camp rangers, and unit-serving executives.
    • Make sure they know what the emergency contact numbers are specific for your council.
    • Have them keep an Incident Reporting Kit with them in their travels.
  • We suggest your next staff meeting include someone from your enterprise risk management committee leadership to review with staff when and how to report incidents.
  • Include an article about the updated “Incident Reporting” chapter of the Guide to Safe Scouting in your newsletters, blogs, and website.
  • Throw out any of the old “pink folders” that you may have lying around.

Now is also a good time for your system administrator to make sure that personnel who will enter the incidents have access, and anyone whose job duties have changed had their access removed.

One Response to Incident Reporting Kits—Next Steps

  1. Brad Pritts says:

    This looks like a good start. What mechanisms are planned to share results and lessons learned to unit leaders? The more feedback is provided, the better the motivation for reporting.

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