Finance Impact e-Letter: Award Deadlines Approaching

Click to open Feb. 15 issue

The Feb. 15 issue of the Finance Impact Department’s e-Letter newsletter has been published and is available online.

The deadlines for submitting the applications for the Major Gifts Award and the National Endowment Achievement Award are approaching. To ensure councils receive recognition for their major gift efforts in 2012, applications must be submitted on or before the due dates. In this edition of the e-Letter, councils may download these applications. Also in this edition, council volunteers and staff can read about various opportunities to hone their skills. They may register and make hotel reservations for the 2013 National Development and Fiscal Management Symposium and the upcoming Major Gifts Seminar, register to participate in one of the Alumni Relations Seminars, or one of the ongoing webinars.

To read the entire issue, click the link above or the image at left. Previous issues of the newsletter are available by following the links under the BSA Newsletters header at right.


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