Two New Jersey Councils Merge to Create New Garden State Council

The former Southern New Jersey Council, No. 334, in Millville, New Jersey, has merged with the former Burlington County Council, No. 690, in Rancocas, New Jersey, to form the new Garden State Council, No. 690, in Rancocas.

The effective date of this consolidation, as recorded with the state of New Jersey, was Jan. 1. Daniel Templar, Scout executive of the former Burlington County Council, will serve as the Scout executive for the new council.

The Merger Team is actively engaged in updating the BSA’s data systems (ScoutNET, MyBSA, MyScouting, etc.) and expects to complete their work by Feb. 24.

Please change your records to reflect this recent action, and alert those in your organization of this change. The mailing address for the Garden State Council is:

P.O. Box 246
Rancocas, NJ 08073


6 Responses to Two New Jersey Councils Merge to Create New Garden State Council

  1. A.J. Vasta says:

    what’s that red flying thing on the patch, and how does it fit with whatever “theme” the patch has?

  2. Perry Dunn says:

    I might be wrong but…I think it is the NJ devil!!!

  3. Charles Spitz says:

    That appears to be the infamous “Jersey Devil” flying over the Battleship New Jersey and Cape May Lighthouse.

  4. Steve Sellers says:

    Yep… It’s the Jersey Devil. Been a very common theme in the Burlington County Council for many years. The theme is very popular with the kids!

    Six or seven designs were contributed by the members of the new council and the new council design was voted on. The “theme” represents many things that make New Jersey unique, including the Jersey Devil…

  5. Michelle says:

    the patch represents every county in the NEW council. Lighthouse (capemay), Battleship (camden), Farmfields (salem), Clementon Waterpark (Glouchester)and yes…the Jersey Devil (Burlington).

  6. Bob Gray says:

    That is the Jersey Devil. A long time legend of the Jersey Pinelands and symbol used for years in Burlington County.

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