BSA to Offer Certified Angler Instructor Training Workshop

The BSA is offering a special weekend workshop of the new certified angler instructor training being taught at BSA Camping School. It will be hosted by the Greater St. Louis Area Council.

The goal of this course is to improve the council’s and unit’s overall fishing program and train Fishing and Fly Fishing merit badge counselors on the official BSA approach to these badges.

For more information, please download the certified angler instructor training flier.

One Response to BSA to Offer Certified Angler Instructor Training Workshop

  1. Ed Morrison says:

    I can’t attend this fishing training, but I would very much like to in the future. I teach fly fishing at our summer camp while I am there with my troop. I have been fly fishing and tying my own flies for about 30 years.

    Eddie Morrison, Troop 308 , Waco, Texas

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