Introducing the New Local Council Guide to IRS Form 990

The BSA is pleased to announce the release of the Local Council Guide to the 2012 IRS Form 990. The updated guide brings together what’s new for 2012, including special instructions, an illustrative checklist, and actual Form 990s into one handy reference manual to serve as a resource for practitioners and local councils alike.

For 2012, we’ve added sections on governance and compensation, and the sample local council trust fund return has been upgraded from a Form 990-EZ to a Form 990. The guide is meant to be shared with external tax preparers, Scout executives, local council accounting staff, and board members. The guide is now available at; click on the “Council Fiscal Management” tab and then on “Fiscal Documents” on the left side.

Human Resources Administration will be providing detailed information to councils regarding the actuarial values necessary to complete certain sections of the IRS Form 990. This will be sent directly to Scout executives in early April.

For additional information about the guide, please contact Ken Moran at 972-580-2311, or Russ McNamer at 972-580-2226.

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