Best Practices: Tiger Cub Recruitment

Here is a membership best practice that has been tested and evaluated, that works well in any council environment, and, if properly followed and executed, will produce some phenomenal new Tiger Cub volunteers and members.

It was a collaborative effort of many, developed by Lucia Cronin, Central Region membership chair, and produced  by a JTE gold-level council, the Crossroads of America Council in Indianapolis, Indiana. This video should be the master tutorial for local councils to use for their current spring membership recruitment plan and training.

We hope you will take the time to share this very productive video with your volunteers and professionals. (Watch the video below, or visit

Yours in Scouting,

R. Ray Woods, national membership chairman

6 Responses to Best Practices: Tiger Cub Recruitment

  1. Michelle Serdula says:

    I am so glad to see such a great plan shared with everyone. Just wanted to share the idea of BSA Adopt-A-School as a way for Leaders to build a better relationship with their school as well as a way to achieve community service while earning JTE hours. Thanks for sharing this great plan and hope everyone implements it.

  2. Martin Flores says:

    Can I get the Powerpoint file that is in this Tiger Cub Youtube video?

  3. Bobby Sammons says:

    Tiger Cub Recruitment is very important, there is no doubt about it but what ever happened to the Lion Cub idea? We have to compete with the various sports that start with the Kindergarten age boys so we are starting a year behind the sports power curve.

  4. Rick Williamson says:

    Lucia was the committee chair of a very successful 100 boy Cub Scout pack in Mequon, WI when she became the Cub Scout advocate at a Bay-Lakes Council strategic planning retreat. Her efforts benefitted the B-L council. Now she is sharing successful techniques in the Central Region and across the country. Thank you Lucia.

    I will be using this technique in CO this spring. Results will be posted later.

  5. Mike Marchese says:

    try this… should link to power point.

  6. Ron Jensen says:

    The video is excellent and has a great long term plan starting in January. Lucia is great at this.
    Since we are in April, what would you suggest be done to make a difference this year?

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