Finance Impact e-Letter: Get Ready for the National Development and Fiscal Management Symposium

Click to open the April 1 issue

The April 1 issue of the Finance Impact Department’s e-Letter has been published and is available online.

The National Development and Fiscal Management Symposium provides local council staff and volunteers an opportunity to get the latest on what’s new in the fundraising field as well as the latest information about managing your local council’s finances. If you have not registered for the symposium, there is still time to do so to attend and hear renowned speaker Steve Chandler.

This edition of the e-Letter provides information regarding registration, course selection, and the schedule of events for the symposium. Also in this edition, readers may download the Local Council Guide to the 2012 IRS Form 990; learn about the development assessment and how it can help your council’s fundraising efforts; learn about fundraising tools such as the BSA Discover prepaid and credit cards, the car donation program, and Scouting Alumni Association; the BSA Asset Management update; and information about upcoming webinars.

To read the entire issue, click the link above or the image at left. Previous issues of the newsletter are available by following the links under the BSA Newsletters header at right.


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