New MyScouting Tools Launched

The BSA is excited to introduce new features that are now available in MyScouting Tools. They include:

Key 3 Organization Administrators

  • A new Organization Profile tool for displaying and managing information. It displays unit information that identifies chartered organizations and their representatives, and allows entry of unit social media contacts (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Roster Manager functionality is incorporated into Organization Profile for this release and allows roster views by adult, youth or unit, and filter by position.

Initially, Key 3 were able to print membership card(s) for members in paid position(s). Now, unit and district members are also able to print membership card(s) for paid and other positions within their organizations, with the following exceptions:

  • Executive Officer
  • Administrative roles
  • Non-registered “functional” roles

These features for the council and national levels will be extended in a future release.

Please encourage your volunteers and leaders to become familiar with these new added features in MyScouting Tools. To access MyScouting Tools, log into and click on the link embedded on the Flash page. To view support material on the new features, please click the links below:

We will be introducing new features every 3–6 weeks, so continue to stay tuned!

One Response to New MyScouting Tools Launched

  1. Terri Best says:

    If a person on the Key 3 corrects an address or phone number – how do they notify the council office so that other inter-office lists can also be up-dated?

    I seem to be missing the step that includes informing the registrar. Also – if they change the address for the dad – how about the mom & youth? depending on where the youth are registered – Pack, Troop, Crew, etc.

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