Mountain Biking Option to Be Added to Cycling Merit Badge

You talked, and we listened! Thanks to the requests of many Scouts who have been requesting a tweak to the Cycling merit badge, we have added a mountain biking option to the requirements. Now, Scouts can choose to complete their Cycling merit badge with either the road bike option or the mountain bike option. The patch remains the same, but the requirements and the pamphlet will look different.

The merit badge pamphlet should be ready in time for July summer camps or your summer plans.

The new requirements are being shared for planning purposes only with your local council. If you are on a committee working with your summer camp or similar effort, contact your local camp director or council program director for details.


2 Responses to Mountain Biking Option to Be Added to Cycling Merit Badge

  1. Berry Rogers says:

    THIS IS SO COOL! Can’t wait to see what the pamphlet / changes are to include this!

  2. I love it. This will definitely add to the MB’s popularity now that we are accepting of BMX and off-road biking.

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