‘ScoutParent’ Designation to End July 1

As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen the protection of youth in our programs, the designation of parents of youth members in traditional programs as ScoutParents will end effective July 1. BSA literature, forms, and processes are being revised to match this change in program.

Councils should encourage current ScoutParents to now officially register as dues-paying adult volunteers or leaders if they are not already so registered.

To help facilitate this, the unit Scouter Reserve position (91U) has been created for supportive adults who have no immediate specific leadership role. Like all registered BSA adult positions, this new role will require a criminal background check and the completion of Youth Protection training.

The position of unit ScoutParent coordinator (PC) will remain a registered position with the name changed to parent coordinator.


27 Responses to ‘ScoutParent’ Designation to End July 1

  1. Janice Stevenson says:

    I was under the assumption that the unit scouter reserve was for scouts only. Will that stay the same? Thanks!!!

  2. Liz Johnson says:

    Will currently listed ScoutParents be removed from the rosters?

    • To Liz,
      My assumption is that we are given the time from July 1 to recharter season to encourage our Scout Parents to become a leader or a Scouter Reserve, since there will be no Scout Parent choice during recharter. And if they do not choose a leadership role or Scouter reserve then yes, they will not be on the next charter.

  3. Liz Honeycutt says:

    Thank God….and thank you national office. This will make life so much better.

  4. Bob says:

    This is the single most greatest announcement I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

  5. Stetson says:

    “officially register as paid adult volunteers”??

    Can I get back pay for my position?

    • BSA Internal Communications says:

      I think we would owe quite a few folks back pay if that were the case! I’ve changed the wording slightly to make sure there isn’t any confusion … (Especially since we all know that our volunteers contribute MUCH more than the standard “one hour per week” you always hear about.) Thanks for reading, and for your input.


      John Churchill
      BSA Internal Communications

  6. KATE BARGH says:

    I feel humbled and SO HAPPY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a registrar.. we humbly thank you.. this is the best thing since ONLINE advancement and rechartering.. thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  7. Steve Hanson says:

    The ScoutParent concept appeared to be connected to a grant given to National a few years ago, and the documentation and information associated with it seemed quite different from the standard BSA publications. It caused a fair amount of confusion. Glad to see it go.

  8. Mike from Virginia says:

    There’s a big potential wrinkle. The membership policy language for consideration by the National Council next month will potentially adjust accommodation for youth but not adults. This compromise will reduce social pressure on the program while accommodating the more traditional members. The challenge is that with this new language regarding parents will cut out any parent would could not volunteer.

  9. David Hearn says:

    Why have ScoutParent coordinator if no ScoutParents

  10. Kim Pucka says:

    Dues is going to cost how much and how far out are you going with this? Some boys have grandparents as custodians, some have broken families…are you requiring four applications….or even 6?
    What happens to the boy who has a parent who is less than perfect?
    Can you email me details as soon as possible, I need to access this and share with my families.

    • No one is being forced to register or to pay registration. If a parent (or guardian, grandparent, step-parent) wants to register, BSA has created a new position (Scouter Reserve) so that they may do so. It is not required.

  11. Mark Ellis says:

    Didn’t see this coming. Interestingly, as the District Leadership Training Chair, I advocated leaders who would not commit to completing their basic adult leader training to register as ScoutParents at recharte time, with the provisio that they would not perform any registerer Scouter positions.

    Agree with the concept of UCSR for those folks who want (or the units or chartering organizations mandate) to be registered for background checks and program specific YPT.

    However,strongly recommend BSA come up with a better name for U92 or V92 that more broadly describes this cohort of registered BSA leaders.

    Perhaps just drop “College” from the title and publish a more broader description, emphasizing it is NOT approriate for leaders who are performing traditional registered leaders roles who won’t complete the training required of their position.

    So, what will happen to

    • William Makowski says:

      Mark, I fully agree with your comments. I advocated ScoutParent as a way to bring aboard interested parents. If they completed basic training for a position we would fill out an adult application to place them into a registered position. This allowed the unit to see how willing an adult was to go through training without registration expenses or impacting JTE.

      On another note, the 92U and 91U will work out fine as long as online registration allows us to enter these codes. 92U has been around for two registration cycles and we have had to mark up our computer generated rosters each time. This causes unnecessary work for the unit and the registrar. It goes without saying that if it is a unit code, the unit should be able to enter it.

  12. Marita says:

    Just when I was going to promote the ScoutParent registration as a way of boosting our Voice of the Scout score… Oh well!

  13. Connie Knie says:

    While I agree that YPT is a wonderful thing and background checks are necessary why is everyone so over the top about this announcement?

    I appreciate the diligence that is being used to protect our youth and our adult leadership but don’t understand what I am missing.

    Why all the hoopla?

  14. Bradford L Greene says:

    Question, if a scout or scouts parent has in the past never been involved with the pack or troop, then why does the parent now have to join and pay dues if he/she is not going to be involved?
    Thank you Bradford L Greene
    ASM troop 355 Spring Texas

    • The parent doesn’t have to join and pay. This is an option, not a requirement.

      For parents that are going to be involved, the new position (Scouter Reserve) provides a way to register without having to take on a specific leadership role.

      A parent registered as Scouter Reserve will count as one of the leaders required to provide two-deep leadership, whereas a ScoutParent does not.

  15. Linda Wilson says:

    Which ypt does this new position require?

    • Scouter Reserve would require the same Youth Protection Training as required for all other leaders of that unit. (Y01 for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Varsity Teams; Y02 for Venture Crews)

  16. Dan Pickett says:

    So how will this effect Tiger dens? The parents have to register as scout parents when they sign up.

  17. Lou Leopold says:

    @Dan: Tiger Cub parents are registered as “Adult Partners” as part of the Youth Member Application. They never needed to be registered as Scout Parents as Tiger Cub parents.

    When their sons graduated to Wolfs, then the option was there (though in my pack, there is a distinct expectation that every parent register in a position, even if they are a committee member committing to one pack event as its chair).

    Hope this helps.

  18. Connie Knie says:

    I don’t think this effects Tiger parents. While they are required to sign up as the parent of the Tiger, this was never a registered position that necessitated YPT or paid dues.
    They were separate from the Scout Parent.

    • Deb Redmon says:

      Hi Connie,

      Our pack has just recently discovered that we may have been charging Tiger Cub Adult Partners the registration fee when it was not actually required. Can you elaborate on your response here that the TC AP was never required to pay registration fees. We also require them to take YPT.


  19. Doug Montgomery says:

    Is this a NEW position – in ADDITION to the “Unit College Scouter Reserve” (position code “92U”) that was created in the last 1-2 years? Otherwise, if this is the same/redefined position, it appears the article above has a typo for the position code.

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