Boys’ Life Offering Growth, Commissioner Awards

Boys’ Life Growth Award

The Boys’ Life Growth Award is given twice annually (June and December) to recognize and thank BSA professionals who achieve a 3 percent or greater Boys’ Life subscription growth, and/or who serve a 68 percent or greater market share of the total of Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Varsity Scouts in their area of service.

Who Qualifies?

BSA professionals who have a direct responsibility to promote Boys’ Life, including unit-serving executives, field directors, directors of field service, Scout executives, regional directors, and area directors.

Boys’ Life Commissioner Award

The Boys’ Life Commissioner Award recognizes and thanks commissioners who successfully promote the good reading and good Scouting of Boys’ Life.

Who Qualifies?

  • Unit Commissioner: Serve at least two 100 percent Boys’ Life units. (A unit qualifies as a 100 percent Boys’ Life unit when a subscription to Boys’ Life goes into the home of every youth member of the unit.)
  • Roundtable Commissioner: Present and/or assist in presenting at least five Boys’ Life roundtable promotion features during 2013.
  • Administrative Commissioner: Achieve 25 percent or more of the total of packs, troops, and teams in the area of service as 100 percent Boys’ Life units, and/or experience a 10 percent growth in 100 percent Boys’ Life units in 2013 vs. 2012.


One Response to Boys’ Life Offering Growth, Commissioner Awards

  1. Holly Barton says:

    I think Boys Life is a great magazine. My son is a Scout and he enjoys receving his. But as a Registrar, the syetem support avialable to us in the field is poor. There is little info re: Boys Life on Scoutnet. When a Webelos crosses over or a Scout with Boys Life Transfers, you can’t “Tranfer” his subscription – so the unit has to “remember” to make him a YES at the next recharter time so issues aren’t missed. When you post, names & units don’t appear on the Post Confirmation. I’ve had several e-mail exchanges with Rhonda Williams (who is wonderful!) in the Boys Life area and there is no way to overcome these system shortcomings. Please get us our new system SOON and make Boys Life info more accessible to us in the field. Would be nice is a Scout could also be tagged somehow as being part of a household that is receiving if he doesn’t have a subscription in his own name. We’re the front line of support out here and Nationals isn’t giving us the right tools to do the job properly.

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