New Requirements Released for BSA Lifeguards

The Outdoor Programs Group in conjunction with the Aquatics Task Force announces the release of revised BSA Lifeguard requirements and the companion BSA Lifeguard Instructor Manual. The updated application and instructor manual are effective May 3, and may be accessed immediately in the Aquatics Resources section of

The previous BSA Lifeguard requirements may continue to be used through Aug. 31, 2013. After this date, all applications for BSA Lifeguard and BSA Lifeguard Instructor must be submitted using the new requirements. All BSA Lifeguard certificates issued after May 3, 2013, regardless of the requirements used, will be valid for two years.

The new BSA Lifeguard requirements incorporate several changes in response to the industry’s evolving standard of care and training requirements. The revised program and instructor manual continue to reflect the relationship between the BSA and the American Red Cross by utilizing training materials produced for the Red Cross Lifeguarding program and released in 2012. The BSA affirms this strong relationship and continues its long-standing commitment to aquatics safety education.

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