Certificates of Insurance in Risk Management Process—A Guide for Council Employees

A certificate of insurance is a document that gives evidence of insurance coverage for official Scouting activities.

Each council has the ability to issue certificates of insurance of up to $1 million as evidence of general liability coverage to those entities requesting to be named as an additional insured for Scout unit, district, or council events and activities. Unless the other party asked to be named as an additional insured, a certificate of insurance showing “Proof Only” should be provided. With help from the BSA’s insurance broker, the templates for certificates of insurance are available on MyBSA.org. under “Resources” and “Links to BSA Info.”

The templates are designed so the council is able to fill in the appropriate areas and print. The fillable boxes on the certificate of insurance are the only places that need to be filled in by the council. Everything else on the certificate, such as the policy number and carrier information, is locked on the PDF form. This makes the issuance of a certificate of insurance very easy for the council. While they are easy to issue, each time a request is made for a certificate of insurance the request should be taken seriously, and all the paperwork regarding the request should be reviewed thoroughly. Certificates of insurance are considered a part of a business transaction and are governed by state insurance regulations and laws.

Any deviations or alterations to the certificates of insurance can jeopardize insurance coverage for our volunteers, the council, and the entire BSA program!

If there is a time when more information is required on the certificate or the limits are more than $1 million, the certificate will need to be issued by the Risk Management Team in the national office.


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