June CubCast, ScoutCast Podcasts Now Online

margin-bottom: -6px; margin-right: 7px;If you only listen to one CubCast this year (although we hope you catch them all), make this the one. Hilda Blaine, a five-year Cub Scout volunteer extraordinaire with the Grand Canyon Council in Phoenix, Arizona, chats with us about everything you need to plan your Cub Scout year and how it will make your Cub Scout Leader experience a whole lot easier.

For your Boy Scout volunteers, point to the latest ScoutCast recording about economic diversity within troops. As much as we’d like it to be, Scouting isn’t free; uniforms, camping equipment, and activities all cost money. What do you do when you have kids that come from all different economic backgrounds, or if someone’s economic situation changes? Joining us for this fascinating topic is the team leader of the Council Fund Development Team, Mark Moshier, who shares with us how to keep funds from being a problem in a Scout’s involvement.

Both podcasts can be found online at www.scouting.org/ScoutCast.aspx.

2 Responses to June CubCast, ScoutCast Podcasts Now Online

  1. Joseph says:

    One thing I have never been able to figure out is if there is an RSS feed for these podcasts so I can just have my podcast program catch them whenever they come out.

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