Middle School Explorer Clubs to Begin Registration Aug. 1

Driven by an increased interest in career exploration at the middle school level, the national Exploring office has responded by creating new and innovative coeducational Middle School Explorer Club programs for students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

For more information on this exciting new program—including the August 1 opening date for registration—download the Middle School Explorer Club Fact Sheet. For more information visit the Exploring section on MyBSA. (MyBSA > Resources > Links to BSA Info > Learning for Life)


10 Responses to Middle School Explorer Clubs to Begin Registration Aug. 1

  1. David says:

    Is this any different than the normal exploring programs and can they be run as a single unit

  2. Stephen V. Durbin says:

    Even thought in the short term thee will be some downsizing in the US military I feel that a possible career in the US Armed Forces could or should be exphazized.

  3. John Anthony says:

    Great program alligns with schools career tracks

  4. Harry Sosa says:

    I created a Teen Community Emergency Response Team “TCERT” in Charleston SC and was about to begin a program that your Middle School Explorer Club for schools match perfectly. I hope I will be able to use it for all the schools I’ve been talking to for two months. Who can we specifically talk to for specific question about this concept?

    • Bill Taylor says:


      You can visit learningforlife.org & input your contact information. Also, you can checkout the Middle School Explorer Club section in the Exploring area.

  5. Robbie says:

    I love the career club program!!!! Its’ the best in the world. Anticipating wonderful partnerships this fall. TEAMLFL/EXPLORINGLETS’GO!!! :)

  6. patrick dei says:

    do they get uniforms that they get to keep and do they get equipment like the older people. also when i call my local explorer post it asks for an extension can you tell me what it is.

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