MyScouting Tools – New Features to Be Released Soon

In addition to the functions currently available, did you know that as a unit and district Key 3, you also will be able to perform the following new tasks on the new MyScouting Tools?

  • View, update and print training certificates for members of your unit or district – not just YPT.
  • Update additional profile details without going to your council or calling the National Support Center.
  • Grant 3 additional registered leaders the authority to perform administrative functions.
  • Create and manage your unit’s organizational structure (i.e. packs – dens; troops – patrols; crews – groups; ships – crews; teams – squads; and committees).
  • Assign member’s to functional roles within a unit’s organizational structure.

These great tools will be available within the next few weeks.

To see what you can currently do, log in to access MyScouting Tools.

One Response to MyScouting Tools – New Features to Be Released Soon

  1. hgilson says:

    Article written on 6/28 with the promise of this ability in the “next few weeks”. Three more days and it will be a month. What’s Up?

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