Chief’s Corner: Learn What You Can Do to Help Prevent Bullying This School Year

The latest post on the Chief’s Corner, the official blog of Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock, covers a topic that may hit home with the Scouts in your council: bullying.

Scouting’s values make it clear that bullying is not tolerated—both inside and outside of our organization. Our position on bullying—coupled with our commitment to serving America’s youth with a quality Scouting experience—provides Scout leaders a unique opportunity to teach respect and acceptance of others.

What steps are you taking to be on the watch for bullying, and what steps do you take to create an anti-bullying environment? Share your thoughts using the blog’s commenting feature at the bottom of the article.

2 Responses to Chief’s Corner: Learn What You Can Do to Help Prevent Bullying This School Year

  1. During an LDS Camp at Camp Shands a few years ago a Scout was having a hard time. The Scout felt like he was being bullied and the other Scouts accused this young man of “bringing it on himself”. Two young men were nice enough to spend the day mentoring this young person while providing two deep leadership. They did nothing special except spend time with him and others in their circle and all of the Scouts had a great experience.

  2. Jane LeBlanc says:

    I have a dream, that one day BSA will teach respect, acceptance and tolerance of gay youth and adult leaders by ending their antiquated stance on homosexuality. Some of us do try. Respectfully submitted.

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