Gary’s JTE Leadership Club: Leveraging the Role of Technology

Technology, technology, technology! That’s all we seem to hear about these days. The Internet, Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, smartphones, and yes even ScoutNET. We recognize that to move forward, leveraging these tools of the trade is more critical than ever. Today, keeping up with the rapidly changing technological world we live in is a priority not only for us, but for every other organization as well.

So where does the BSA stand with all of this technology? One way to find out is to join us for our first JTE Leadership Club broadcast of the season on Wednesday, September 4.

We will have only one broadcast at 9 a.m. Central time. David Campbell, CIO and group director for IDG, will take us down the yellow brick road of technology, highlighting where we have come from, where we are today, and where we are headed.

Segments will include a discussion about leveraging volunteer empowerment through technology as it relates to My Scouting Tools, led by Debra Kendrew, IDG project manager (and a volunteer with the National Council’s Venturing crew), along with updates on the PeopleSoft financials project and the Blackbaud fundraising project. So, if you want the most current information on the state of BSA technology from the group that’s leading the charge, join us on September 4 to upgrade your knowledge (and be sure to have a few questions ready for Gary, Dave, and Debra).

Accessing the Broadcast

Please note: There are no audio connections via dial-in bridge for this session. Please select from one of the following three methods to join the meeting. Should you need technical assistance, please contact the National Support Center at 855-707-2644 or 4080 (inside the national offices).

You will need to prepare your iPhone and/or PC to join the meeting. IPads are already compatible and very simple to connect with. Once you have taken time to prepare your PC and/or iPhone, you will be able to set your preferences, set up reminders for future meetings, and browse through the BSA National Council video-stream library of earlier events.

The name of the upcoming event is: JTE Leadership Club 9-4-2013

You can click the RSVP button on the channel page and we will email you just before the start of the scheduled broadcast.

Preparing your computer to connect to the meeting:
1.   Open any of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9
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2.   In the address bar, enter:

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Preparing your iPhone to connect to the meeting:
1.   Go to the App store on your iPhone and search for the Livestream App.
2.   Download the Livestream app to your mobile device.
3.   Once installed on your iPhone, open the app and search for the bsanationalcouncil channel.
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Preparing your iPad to connect to the meeting:
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2 Responses to Gary’s JTE Leadership Club: Leveraging the Role of Technology

  1. Bobby Sammons says:

    I am glad that I don’t live on the West Coast, or worse yet Hawaii! When National schedules these types of activities please try and make them more assessable to everyone, not just a part of the Scouting Community. Ideally this type of activity should be done at least twice, once to be convenient to the East Coast and Middle America and then again at a time to be convenient to the Mountain States and the West Coast.

    I don’t know if this is just a function for the Professional Scouters or if it suppose to be for all, including us volunteers, but having any event, on what is a workday and at that time, limits the participation.

    I believe that the “curse” of technology is something that all levels of Scouting must come to grips with. Most of our youth today are more in tune with the capabilities of technology than the vast majority of our adult leadership and until that disconnect between the adult leadership and the youth is addressed and changes made, Scouting is going to suffer. I know that there are many of our adult leaders that view anything outside of the “outing” side of Scouting as being sacrilegious. Change is both inevitable, and in a lot of cases necessary.

  2. Bert Bender says:

    OK, part of this is about “My Scouting Tools”.

    Took a spin, and overall . . . there are nice nuggets in there.

    Very Good:

    • Nice to allow Key Threes and District/Council people to record training taken.

    • Nice to hit “search training”, one can print a list of YPT Expirations, including upcoming expirations.

    • Member Manager: I guess we can update contact data for ScoutNet faster than recharter. Does this update Boy’s Life / Scouting addresses for those subscriptions?

    • Member Manager: Can print youth Roster (by age report) without logging into internet advancement (with the password problems that can exist there). Can see which adults are registered.

    Uh, Really Could Be Better:
    • Except for the YPT report, the training data screens (like trained and untrained) are all 30,000 foot level showing either (a) pie charts or (b) lists of numbers (see attached). I suspect that this is good for the Dashboard Big Picture at HQ, but this falls short of the goal line for anyone trying to drill into the details like “OK, just who are those trained or untrained people”. Assuming that the database knows that I have 14 trained leaders in my unit, one would think that it could produce the list. Hopefully this is a phase two rollout . . . .

    • There is raw data that one can look at “To view details of a member’s training history record”, but (1) nothing indicates if the person is in the “Trained” or “Untrained” category, there is just raw data, and (2) it takes a lot of clicks to find out anything. There is no effective way to list all leaders of a unit and the training they have taken. Fortunately, that report exists fairly quickly in Unit Training Tracking and Unit Training Detail in (sans extra “.”), and hopefully nobody will conclude that these new Tools (avec extra “.”) should replace that useful tool.

    • Gee, Member Manager / Member Assignment sounded like it would be so special and useful. “To begin assigning members to roles in their organizational structure, select Member Assignment”, it says, and I’m thinking, “Great! We can get the leader assignments correct right now and not wait until Recharter, so we can make last year’s TL show as a DL, the DL a WL, the ADL a CC, the DL a CM, the MC a DL, and so on . . . .” Sadly, it says “NOTE: When assigning a member you are doing so to a functional role and not a registered unit role or position.” So, you can create and move functional roles among registered leaders, but not the functions most important like registered unit roles.

    Bottom Line: there is some good stuff here, and with some simple (I would think) fixes (like Member Manager switching what “role” you have in your unit, and Training converting the Pie Charts into the trained/untrained detail and lists that are behind the pie charts), it could be very useful.

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