Liability Insurance for Council-Owned Watercraft

Under the Boy Scouts of America’s general liability program, councils are charged for liability insurance for boats owned by the council and used in Scouting activities. All watercraft liability charges are billed quarterly by the national office to the local council with the quarterly general liability premium billing.

The Risk Management Team maintains a watercraft inventory of all council-owned watercraft. It is important that you notify Risk Management each time boats are added to or deleted from your watercraft inventory, even those that are seasonal or for temporary use only. (The minimum premium charge is one quarter.)

To ensure that your watercraft is scheduled for liability insurance coverage, please email Pat Baldinell or call 972-580-2223 and ask for a copy of your council’s current watercraft inventory.

Information and answers to the most commonly asked questions about watercraft liability insurance for council-owned watercraft can be found in the Risk Management Notebook, Section 28: Watercraft/Boats.


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