Chief’s Corner: Taking Scouting to the Inner City

The latest post on the Chief’s Corner, the official blog of Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock, highlights an inner-city Scouting program in Buffalo, New York.

Troop 139 shows that you don’t need to head out to the country to experience outdoor life and learn the values of Scouting.

How is your council working to bring the Scouting experience to inner-city youth? Share your thoughts using the blog’s comment feature at the bottom of the article.


4 Responses to Chief’s Corner: Taking Scouting to the Inner City

  1. Scouting in the inner city is widely needed across the nation. While often times these units are harder to start and require a very serious commitment to starting, however once started begin to flourish. We continue to make contacts, and raise the awareness of scouting in hopes to keep speaking to groups in hopes of getting a unit started.

  2. Ray Franks says:

    We just raised $150,000 + in six weeks to use the STEM program with Cub Scout age inner city youth. We have hired a minority outreachdirector and STEM professional to meet with groups of 20 youth, up to 320 youth annually. They will meet after school in inner city centers and will also build in the multicultural Cub Scout program. We will use our new ECO Lodge as the outdoor / field trip center and our vans from Pamlico Sea Base (not in use in off season to move the youth to our camp for weekend outings and other day trips. We quickly recruited 15 community leaders to serve on the outreach committee including eight minority community members. Usage of camp, vans, camp staff will be charged off and increase the camp income making our camps more sustainable.

  3. C G says:

    An independent film shot last summer in Richmond shows the value of Scouting to inner-city young men.
    “Troop 491: Adventures of the Muddy Lions” follows Tristan, a young man whose mother enrolls him in Scouting to get him off the streets. But when Tristan witness a murder, he’s torn: Will he follow the code of the streets and stay quiet, or the Scout Law and speak out.
    You can view the trailer here:
    The film was #4 in ticket sales at the theater during its theatrical premiere, so the run was extended from one week to two. It’s my hope that strong sales in Richmond will translate to a national release.

  4. meizitang says:

    Chief’s Corner: Taking Scouting to the Inner City | Scout Wire

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