Gary’s JTE Leadership Club: Building Blocks for Scouting’s Future

The theme for the Wednesday, October 9, JTE Leadership hour is “Building Blocks for Scouting’s Future.” Our show segments are aligned with the five building blocks of council sustainability: sufficient community capacity, effective council leadership, durable financial position, solid membership health, and an outstanding program experience. We will have only one broadcast at 9 a.m. Central time.

Our first segment deals with the concept of growth. Al Lambert, Central Region director, and Marty Walsh, Membership Impact Department manager, will lead the discussion on how national and local council growth in multiple functions ultimately will lead to more youth served with a great quality experience. Our second segment, “Understanding Your Building Block Stage,” led by department managers Harold Keller (Mission Impact) and Chuck Ezell (Program Impact) and Voice of the Scout expert Mike Watkins, takes a look at the capacity of a council to succeed, including “where we are now, where we want to go, and what the community can handle.” A number of “growth” tools will be shared with the audience. Our closing segment will feature Matt Monroe, director of program at the Summit, who will lead a discussion about the new national high-adventure program beginning this fall at the Summit (and maybe show a few slides of the reserve).

Accessing the Broadcast

Please note: There are no audio connections via dial-in bridge for this session. Please select from one of the following three methods to join the meeting. Should you need technical assistance, please contact the National Support Center at 855-707-2644 or 4080 (inside the national office).

You will need to prepare your iPhone and/or PC to join the meeting. IPads are already compatible and very simple to connect with. Once you have taken time to prepare your PC and/or iPhone, you will be able to set your preferences, set up reminders for future meetings, and browse through the BSA National Council video-stream library of earlier events.

The name of the upcoming event is: JTE Leadership Club 10-9-2013.

You can click the RSVP button on the channel page and we will email you just before the start of the scheduled broadcast.

Preparing your computer to connect to the meeting:
1.   Open any of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

2.   In the address bar, enter:

Note: Be sure you have the most current version of Adobe Flash installed on your PC. To update your Flash reader, click here:

Preparing your iPhone to connect to the meeting:
1.   Go to the App store on your iPhone and search for the Livestream App.
2.   Download the Livestream app to your mobile device.
3.   Once it is installed on your iPhone, open the app and search for the bsanationalcouncil channel.
4.   Click on the channel and in the top right-hand corner of the screen you will see a curved arrow. Click on the arrow and choose Follow from the options listed.

This will allow your app to notify you each time the channel goes live! When notified, simply click on the notification to Join the Broadcast, or launch the app and click on the channel from your followed channels.

Preparing your iPad to connect to the meeting:
Prior to the meeting, follow these steps to test the link:
1.   Open Safari.
2.   In the address bar, enter:


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