Latest Enhancements to MyScouting Tools

A few enhancements have been made to the MyScouting Tools Training Manager:

  • “YPT Aging Report” has been moved from the Search Training screen and placed on the YPT dashboard for quicker view.
  • A new “Trained Leaders Report” has been developed and an icon placed on the Trained Leaders dashboard. This report lists those who are not position-trained, along with additional training needed to be position-trained in the position(s) they currently hold. This report also lists those who are position-trained.

What You Should Know:

  • Both reports are currently available at district staff and unit level only.
  • The YPT Aging Report reflects recent training submitted (real-time data). Data/counts in the Trained Leaders Report will be calculated in the next scheduled dashboard update.

NEW! Members’ MyProfile and unit/district rosters now show a “Trained” icon next to positions to indicate member is position-trained.


For questions regarding these new tools, please contact the National Support Center.

Stay tuned for more enhancements to come!


8 Responses to Latest Enhancements to MyScouting Tools

  1. David Germain says:

    Thanks for the improved tools. I understand that the UVTS is being updated, when is the update scheduled for completion. I also heard that there is an android app being developed for the UVTS – any truth to that rumor?

  2. Debra Kendrew says:

    There is actually a committee of Commissioners from all levels of the organization developing requirements for a new set of tools to allow the commissioners to more easily accomplish their scouting jobs. They are going beyond simply replacing UVTS. The plan is for this group to beta the first release of Commissioner tools beginning in December with the expectation that they will release it to all commissioners by January.
    All the MyScouting tools are mobile friendly for Iphone and Android devices. We will be releasing a new platform in approximately a month which will require less bandwidth allowing the tools will run faster on your phones and tablets. This release will still be accessible via your browser.

  3. Sam Spencer says:

    Not sure if this is a feature or glitch in the YPT report. I’m YPT’d for BSA, Venture and most recently Exploring/Learning-For-Life. However the YPT report only shows the latest YPT taken — which is Exploring. Being that the YPT report is being generated from my Cub Scout pack/unit I would think it should pull the BSA YPT data, not the latest, which ever it may be.

    • Debra Kendrew says:

      Since for Youth Protection training BSA looks at your most recent course it will pick up the latest one you took – regardless of whether it is for your Cub Pack (Y01 course) or for Venturing (Y02 course) or for Explorers (Y03 course). All three trainings will appear in your history. However, When the system is filtering to see if you are trained for your position then when it is looking at your pack position it will insure that you have taken the training for Packs and Troops the Y01 course. Thank you for asking for that clarification.

  4. hgilson says:

    I like both of the new reports – but as a District Training Chair, I would really like to be able to have these reports for the entire District. Individually running each unit’s reports is a little time consuming. I would hope that those reports are in work.

    • Dave S says:

      As a District Chair, I was looking for the exact same information so that my Training team and I could work toward the same goals.

      I am also hoping that we will soon have reports like these for advancement, retention, and other Unit-based goals.

      • Debra Kendrew says:

        We are currently developing the Advancement Tools and plan to incorporate dashboards and goals to measure progress.

        Thank you for your interest in My Scouting tools.

    • Debra Kendrew says:

      We are indeed working on a District version for the Trained Leader and Youth Protection Reports. Look for these in the next couple of weeks.

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