Check Out the Newest Resource for Onboarding New Professionals

Adjusting to a new job is one of the top stressors in life, and that adjustment can be a daunting challenge.

Unlike the traditional first day of employee orientation and onboarding when an employee generally spends a large amount of time completing paperwork and reviewing the policies of the organization, the Boy Scouts of America’s OnBoarding and E-Learning Curriculum Guide for New Professionals is intended to serve as a comprehensive development approach and was constructed for new hires required to complete District Operations Basic. This handy resource is available on the HR Gateway under: My Career > 1st 90 Days > Onboarding for New Professional Scouters.

The OnBoarding and E-Learning Curriculum Guide for New Professionals helps ensure that your new hire has the essential information and resources to “be prepared” to deliver quality service to volunteers and youth members.

The guide contains a plan for your new employee for the first 12 weeks of development and training, which culminates in a one-week training experience called District Operations Basic.

Through this comprehensive onboarding approach, executives will understand immediate expectations, and they will begin their training within one week of starting their position. The guide’s online modules are organized to introduce the executive to subjects in a methodical manner and give them a broad-based understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Local staff leaders are also provided with topics for discussion on your council operations.

The degree to which an employee feels vested in the Boy Scouts of America also has to do with the relationships he or she makes with leadership and co-workers. Our onboarding process considers those relationships and facilitates them from the very beginning.

The Boy Scouts of America’s OnBoarding and E-Learning Curriculum Guide for New Professionals doesn’t end on the Friday of a new employee’s first week on the job. It coordinates a collaborative effort between the local and national councils to increase employee engagement and readiness. The benefit to your local council is huge when a new employee gets up to speed more quickly.

Additionally, Talent Management Department is progressively working to provide local councils with a comprehensive onboarding process and experience for all employees. The OnBoarding for Local Council Employees will be available and online December 1, 2013.

Megan Ayot, Senior Employment Specialist and subject matter expert for onboarding processes has the following resources for all national council employees: Onboarding Guide for Managers for New Employees, Onboarding Guide for Local Council Employees transferring to National Council, and Onboarding Guide for New Employees. During the national council onboarding experience, each new employee will also receive Telecom QuickReference information, Nortel M2006 User Guide and a Nortel M3901 User Guide.

Employees are going to become oriented whether or not we plan for it. Planning their orientation improves the return on investment you make in new employees.

Please contact Megan Ayot at 972-580-2187 or email her at with questions or input.

One Response to Check Out the Newest Resource for Onboarding New Professionals

  1. Corey Curtiss says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am by this. This is going to be a fantastic mentoring and relationship building tool! Hopefully it will help retain good executives and help them feel more supported and become more highly proficient at the many tasks our profession involves. At least this gives us another way we can show our new hires and direct reports that we care about them. Thank you!

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