Clarification of Uniform Policy Requires Uniform Shirts to Be Tucked In

Effective Oct. 1, 2013, the official stance on the Boy Scouts of America’s uniform policy is that shirts are to be worn tucked in, regardless of whether the wearer is a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturer, or adult Scouter. All Sea Scout uniforms are designed to be tucked in except youth dress whites and youth dress blues.

In the past, guidelines have simply stated the uniform wearer should be neat in appearance. Neatness includes tucking in the shirt. This clarification will appear in related resources, such as the uniform inspection sheets, as they are revised and printed.

8 Responses to Clarification of Uniform Policy Requires Uniform Shirts to Be Tucked In

  1. Ed Fortener says:

    This always was expected in the troop where I was a scoutmaster for 18 years and what I have told any scout or scouter for years

  2. rosemary says:

    Very Timely. I know some people have commented that since the shirts have the squared off hems they don’t need to be tucked in. Just had a mother & son in our trading post this week and apparently this was a issue. Mom wanted the scout to tuck in his shirt but “the other boys don’t”… so
    I supported her as I thought it was already BSA policy, at least for youth. Nice to have it confirmed!

  3. Terry Dunn says:

    Has it really come to this point in the organization that an official policy must be set as to whether shirts must be tucked in or not?

  4. Jerry Matese says:

    I agree, shirts should be tucked in. It is about looking neat and squared away.

    You should not need a policy for that.

    What next, pulling your scouts pants up so that their underwear is not showing.

    Personally, if I see pants hanging low, I will pull their pants up for them and ask them if they own a belt. If they don’t have a belt, then give them a length of rope. Be presentable not a slob.

    Thanks for listening!

  5. Heidi says:

    many years ago my mom sewed lace at the bottom hem of my brothers uniform shirt – if the shirt was untucked it would look like a dress LOL!!

  6. Stella Smith says:

    Regardless of how strongly anyone feels about neatness, having a shirt out must be coped with in other ways than inappropriate touching or humiliation of youth. Scouters who are unable to manage appropriate dress within the values of Scouting, have totally lost perspective and are inappropriate to serve as Scout leaders.

  7. Tamara Rodriguez says:

    I feel it is totally innaropriate to require a lady to tuck in a Class A short that already has pocket flap that appear bulky! Female leaders to tuck-in the Class A blouse- rediculous. As a female Scouter and having a curvier chest than most, I feel it is awkward tucking in the Class A BLOUSE that emphasizes my chest even more. Working with older Scouts on a Varsity Team and Venturing Crew, this makes me feel very uncomftable. No Bueno!

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